Right & Wrong. Who decides?

One flaw in our human nature is that we want to be right and shrink from being declared wrong. In our natural state, we are strongly inclined to resist any superior authority that lawfully speaks into our choices. To be right is moral and ethical, so conversely, to be wrong is immoral and unethical. There […]

War, Divorce, Wealth What does Jesus say?

Jesus on war: “Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thine enemy.  But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you: that ye may be […]

Searching for purpose? Follow Jesus!

“And [Jesus] said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me” (Luke 9:23).  Every human seeks significance: some pour their lives into occupations, hobbies, or even humanitarian pursuits.  Others wholeheartedly embrace and promote philosophies or ideologies, and still others simply […]

Are you preparing to meet Jesus?

This question, my friend, is urging you to consider the next great event in human history. That event is the return of the Lord Jesus from heaven to earth. This occurrence will be momentous beyond human description and accompanied by widely divergent emotions. To the prepared, there will be unspeakable joy; to the unprepared, overwhelming […]

Real Christian Community: love AND truth

Most people instinctively crave meaningful relationships.  For some, this inner longing distorts reality, and subsequent wrong choices result in a lifetime of grief.   For the authentic disciple of Jesus, God uses this divinely-placed, innate desire for relationship to His glory.  Christians who live in close proximity to each other and frequently engage in worship and […]

LOVE JESUS?  Joyfully obey Him!

In today’s world, love is often misrepresented and undervalued to the point where many of us may have little idea what true love is. The Bible is not silent on this topic, and neither is the One who is the greatest expression of such love.  That One, of course, is Jesus, of whom the Bible […]

FIND PEACE. Surrender to JESUS.

In a world desperately seeking peace – peace among nations, peace between races, peace within families, and peace in individual hearts – the only solution is the One proclaimed as The Prince of Peace. That One is Jesus. Prophets foretold his provision for peace, and angels announced His proffered peace. For two millennia, His disciples have faithfully […]

Abandon Adultery. Choose Life in Jesus.

Why do we desire the forbidden? Why does our lust draw us into sensual and secret relationships? Why does a husband or wife have an affair with another person? Often adultery or any forbidden relationship begins with a small misunderstanding or hurt between husband and wife. This small issue begins to gain momentum until, alas, […]

Abandon Greed. Choose Life in Jesus.

Did you ever wish you had more? Just one more sweater. One more tool you saw in the ad? A newer car? The next farm? Why do we wish for more than we have or need? Why do we accumulate with greed instead of lavishly give? Watch young children and you can see that each […]

Abandon Hate. Choose Life in Jesus.

Why do we harbor hate in our life? Sometimes our hearts become dark with anger and bitterness. Why? We have personalities. We have different likes and dislikes. We get along with some people and others we dislike. Someone says or does something that deeply hurts us and we become angry. Perhaps they infringed on our […]

Abandon Lust. Choose Life in Jesus.

Why do we long for the forbidden? Why does our lust draw us into sensual and illicit relationships? For everyone, lust is a sin that begins in the mind, but for some, it often expresses itself in fornication, adultery, pornography, and homosexual engagement. Does it matter? Everything matters. Our desires and thoughts shape who we […]

Abandon Lying. Choose Life in Jesus.

Why are we dishonest when we get into a situation and want to save face? Why do we misrepresent reality? It is sometimes so hard to tell the truth. Does it matter? In the garden of Eden, the enemy of God misrepresented truth when he tempted Adam and Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit. […]

Abandon Selfishness. Choose Life in Jesus.

Why does a two-year-old grab a toy from his sibling? Why do we instinctively go for the biggest cookie? Why do we keep all the profit for ourselves instead of sharing more with our employees? Does it matter?  The nature of man has been marred since the beginning of time when our first parents, Adam […]

Abandon Violence. Choose Life in Jesus.

Have you ever pondered why there is violence? Why do we become angry? Why do we fight and war one with another? Does it matter? First of all, God has created us with the ability to make choices for good or bad – gentle or violent. We are not robots, but instead we can choose […]

Equality, Investigation and Perfection

Are all religions equal? Many people insist they are, but upon what basis are these claims made? Do all roads really lead to Heaven? Or Nirvana? Or Jannah? What about the happy hunting grounds? Or wherever it is the proponents of a particular philosophy seem to aspire to attain? How may one determine whether the […]

Serve the poor like JESUS did

They will feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, welcome the strangers, clothe the poor, visit the sick, and nurture the captives.

Value all children like JESUS does

The compassionate kindness of Jesus has been unparalleled in human history. The attributes of compassion and kindness are illustrated by many scenes from His short ministry, but they perhaps find the best portrait in His relationship with children. The Bible shows how Jesus welcomed small children into His busy schedule of ministry. He said to […]

REALLY? Dare to Investigate!

Really Dare to investigate

It is a sad testimony for a person to be ignorant, and it’s even sadder for that person to be deliberately ignorant. Yet many supposedly-intelligent people choose that very approach to the most-basic facets of their existence. The Bible speaks of those individuals when it says, “They deliberately overlook this fact [of the beginning of […]

Why I Love to Write

I will not be able to meet all the readers of these emails. Although I would truly love to meet you some day. For now I will be satisfied to just share a little of my heart through this method. I want to share briefly, “Why I love to write.”

Is There a Right Way?

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Is there a right way? If there is a right way, then there must be a wrong way. If you take the wrong way, you won’t get to where you want to go. Think about it.

Thursday at 5 PM

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One family’s experience with abortion. Read this before you decide to abort your child…

What are you Living For?

What are you living for? More toys? More money? More fame? More friends? And if you get all of these, will your life have meaning? You guessed it…

Five Minutes after You Die

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Facts: You will die someday. Your soul will continue to live after you die. You need to chose the destiny of your soul before you die.

The Curse of Pornography

Living Above Lust

An Illustration Around forty years ago, I picked up a truck load of material at a plant in Toronto. It was lunchtime, so I sat in the office where the shipping department workers gathered for their lunch break. Several other truck drivers were there, and as so often happens in settings like that, the conversation […]

Masturbation and Sexual Desire

Sexual Desires Sexual desires are an important part of God’s plan for men and women. But Satan always tries to derail God’s plans and use them to destroy people rather than bless them. This is especially true in this area. In this article we want to understand what the Bible tells us about purity and […]

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