Faith-Strengthening Books and CDs

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25 Favorite Stories from the Bible

A 55-page book with 25 original stories and beautiful pictures from the 101 Favorite Stories from the Bible book. A great tool to put a spark for God into the hearts of the children in your neighborhood, as well as in towns and cities across America.View Purchasing Details

KJV Gift and Award Bible

Packed full of special features and priced for bulk buying, this Gift and Award Bible is a great way to reward young people at church, in VBS, Sunday School, or at home. King James Version. Words of Jesus in red. Black imitation leather. Stained gold page edges. View Purchasing Details

Doctrines of the Bible

A practical and extensive book on church doctrines. It contains helpful discussions on most questions that arise on the work and scope of the church. Scripture references included. View Purchasing Details

101 Favorite Stories from the Bible

Selected stories from the Old and New Testaments, written simply for children of all ages. This Bible story book includes beautiful, colorful illustrations, scripture verses, and questions for parent or teacher interaction. Biblically accurate and in agreement with conservative Anabaptist views of the scriptures. View Purchasing Details

Strong’s Concordance

Exhaustive paperback concordance just the right size for the Bible scholar, teacher, or evangelist to slip into a briefcase.View Purchasing Details

The Mystery of Christ in the Revelation

Revelation: a book of questions. A book of symbolic language. A book often avoided to keep away from interpretation disagreements. The Mystery of Christ in the Revelation, an in-depth study from an Anabaptist perspective, progresses verse-by-verse through the entire book. Discover the key to understanding Revelation by studying it in its context and within the intent of the rest of Scripture.View Purchasing Details

Demolishing Contradictions

Does the Bible really contradict itself? This book addresses over 40 issues of contention. It is an easy book to read, and equips you to accurately defend your faith while challenging secular or humanistic agendas.View Purchasing Details

The Lie: Evolution

Genesis-the key to defending your faith. If you are a witnessing Christian seeking to bring the Gospel to this spiritually drifting world, this book is for you.View Purchasing Details

The New Answers Book 1

An essential resource for any believer, The New Answers Book addresses some of the most difficult questions that Christians face today. Perfect for personal use or group study. Easy to understand answers for your questions on archaeology and the Bible, the ice age, races of man, and Creation. The New Answers Book gives you the information you need to defend your faith!View Purchasing Details
Created With Purpose

Created With Purpose

What roles does God intend for men and women to fill? In a day when words like unisex, cross-dressing, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and sex reassignment surgeries are increasingly common, do we really understand God’s plan for the two genders? As society turns its back on Truth, it also turns to deception and confusion. What will you and I do? This book is a refreshing reminder that God’s original design cannot be improved upon!View Purchasing Details

A Life Redeemed

A Life Redeemed tells the inspiring story of Ludlow Walker’s journey from his childhood in Jamaica to his current calling as a minister of the Gospel. Along the way, Ludlow achieved his dreams of financial success as an investor and hotel proprietor in Belize, only to see his marriage unravel and his life collapse into hopelessness. In his darkest hour, Ludlow finally turned to the God he had been trying to ignore all his life. What happened next is an unforgettable story of God’s redeeming grace and transforming power. View Purchasing Details

The Happening

The heartrending story of the young victims of the shootings at the Nickel Mines Amish school and their families and community as they struggled to come to grips with this tragedy. Wonderful tool to teach and share the great story of forgiveness.View Purchasing Details

Returning Home

Based on historical accounts, Returning Home follows the life of Johann Plett, born in Prussia in 1765, son of a wealthy landowner and heir to an estate so vast he could not survey it all in a day’s ride. Johann’s harrowing journey leads to political intrigue, poverty, and devastating loss until, driven to despair, he must choose either to reject the God of his youth or return to Him. His decision would affect his family for generations to come. Paperback. View Purchasing Details
Jesus is Calling You CD

Jesus is Calling You CD

A new a cappella recording by the Antrim Chorale. Money, sports, parties, sensual love, and many other pleasures call for the attention of people in America. In the middle of these loud and glamorous voices is another Voice, tender and compelling. It is the voice of Jesus. Be inspired as you listen to His voice through songs such as Jesus Paid It All, Softly and Tenderly, Jesus Is Calling, and Face to Face.View Purchasing Details

Amazing Grace CD set

The Antrim Mennonite Choir shares songs of hope and comfort in peaceful, four-part harmony. Old hymns such as Amazing Grace, Just As I Am, and In The Rifted Rock I’m Resting minister to the hurting, lost, and discouraged. This jewel case set includes a CD, tract by CLP, and a Gospel of John booklet. View Purchasing Details (Jewel Case)

(This CD is also available in an envelope packet that includes the CD and a tract by CLP. See Amazing Grace CD envelope set.)View Purchasing Details (Envelope)


Amazing Love CD set

The Altar of Praise Chorale shares the plan of salvation in beautiful, four-part harmony. Readings of foundational scriptures throughout the recording make the Gospel message clear. Each set includes a CD, a Gospel of John booklet and a tract by CLP.View Purchasing Details

Son, Remember CD

A second recording by the Pablo Yoder family from Nicaragua. Songs such as Wherever You Are, Praying for Someone Like Me, and I’ve Wandered Far Away from God show us that no matter what road we have traveled, a loving heavenly Father longs to welcome us home.View Purchasing Details
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