Abandon Selfishness. Choose Life in Jesus.

Why does a two-year-old grab a toy from his sibling? Why do we instinctively go for the biggest cookie? Why do we keep all the profit for ourselves instead of sharing more with our employees? Does it matter? 

The nature of man has been marred since the beginning of time when our first parents, Adam and Eve, sinned against God. We now have a sinful nature, and instead of seeking to please God and our fellowmen, we seek to please ourselves. It is not wrong to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, but when we take from someone else to please ourselves, we sin against them and against God.

Sometimes our selfishness can cause physical harm to someone else. Take for example, someone who loves alcohol or strong drink. They drink to their own pleasure, but on the way home from the party they crash and cause damage and serious handicap or even death to a fellow human. 

Let’s leave our selfishness in the past and choose a new life in Jesus. Read the Gospel of Matthew in the Bible as you journey to find life in Jesus.


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