Abandon Adultery. Choose Life in Jesus.

Why do we desire the forbidden? Why does our lust draw us into sensual and secret relationships? Why does a husband or wife have an affair with another person?

Often adultery or any forbidden relationship begins with a small misunderstanding or hurt between husband and wife. This small issue begins to gain momentum until, alas, what you thought you would never do has been done. Lack of communication, unforgiveness, and unrealistic expectations push you over the edge and you commit sins against your spouse that you later regret.

When God’s Word says that marriage is to be one man and one woman for life, Satan, the enemy of God, whispers that we have the options of divorce, remarriage, and adultery.

Let’s not entertain any temptation to consider the options that God’s Word says are sin. We are called to communicate, forgive, love, and live in purity regardless of what we get in return. Read the Gospel of Matthew, abandon immorality, and choose life in Jesus.


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