Abandon Violence. Choose Life in Jesus.

Have you ever pondered why there is violence? Why do we become angry? Why do we fight and war one with another? Does it matter?

First of all, God has created us with the ability to make choices for good or bad – gentle or violent. We are not robots, but instead we can choose to love or to hate others. Depending on our personality or environment, we may tend more toward anger or goodwill. In the end, we can still choose to have a good attitude even in a horrible situation. We can also choose to hate and be violent toward someone who is loving and kind.

Another reason we as humans may be angry and violent is because we have an enemy – that old devil. He tempts us in many ways to violate God’s creation and sin against God. That’s Satan’s aim.

Let’s renounce our life of anger and violence and choose a new life in Jesus. Read the Gospel of Matthew in the Bible as you journey to find life in Jesus. 


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