Is Your World Spinning Out of Control?

Does it feel like your life is unmanageable, and that circumstances or other people are in control? Most of us experience situations that make us feel that way at various points in our lives. We lose our health. We experience financial reversals. Relationships fracture. Plans collapse. When such things happen, our natural response is to feel upset or frightened.

The truth, however, is that God IS in control, and He can be trusted with the future. He knows what is best for us, and He knows that difficult experiences can make us better people.

We determine whether tough experiences make us bitter or better. If we trust in our own abilities to get us through, we will likely become bitter. But if we look to our sovereign God and trust that He is in control, tough experiences can grow character in us – the kind of character we find in Jesus.

So if life feels like it is spinning out of control, turn to God. Focus your attention on Him and His purposes for you. Allow God to use the difficult things you are facing to make you into the kind of person who can bless others. As you surrender each detail of your life to God, you will discover that He is well able to bring your life under His control and bring you to a place of peace and rest.


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    1. Hi Stephanie, thanks for sharing. There can be many reasons for a lack of peace. Are you listening to discouraging music? Reading depressing or ungodly books? Living in sin? Look at yourself honestly and compare your life with the NT. Today’s popular brand of Christianity doesn’t like a response like this, and I’m totally aware that we aren’t saved by our good works. But Jesus also said that if we love Him we will keep his commandments. So it’s always worth taking a look. Are you reading your Bible? Praying? Fellowshiping with other Christians? You’d also be welcome to call our toll-free number [833-678-7884]. We have a group of experienced and caring Christians answering the phones. They would be happy to share with you and pray for you. -LB

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