God’s Cure for Alcoholism

Gods Cure for Alcoholism

At one time Bob would have said there is no cure. But that was before He met Jesus. After years of repeated drunkenness and remorse, he came to Jesus for deliverance. Jesus truly set him free, and gave him a purpose for living.

The Hope

While God’s Word states clearly that drunkards shall not inherit the kingdom of God, it also records that many were delivered from drunkenness and debauchery. “And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.” They had experienced God’s cure for alcoholism. Many desperately addicted alcoholics have experienced complete deliverance through the work of God’s Holy Spirit in their hearts.

The Cure

Before one can experience God’s cure, one must admit total helplessness. In spite of repeated failure, alcoholics commonly think somehow, somewhere, sometime they will be able to drink in a controlled way or quit when they want to.

The cure God offers goes far beyond merely controlling the craving for alcohol. God’s cure arrests the root problem of a sinful heart. By faith in Jesus Christ, a person can die to sin and become a new person with a new outlook, new appetites, and a new reason for living.

Jesus came to save His people from their sins. He Himself lived above every sin and overcame every temptation. Although He was innocent, He died that we might be delivered from the power of sin. After He rose from the grave, He went up to God in Heaven. Now He has sent His own Spirit to work in the hearts of defeated souls, offering them deliverance.

Jesus conquered Satan, and He is ready to rescue you from the enemy of your soul. Are you willing to let Jesus free you from Satan’s slavery?

The Method

  1. Are you willing to face your condition honestly? Is alcoholism really your biggest problem? Or is it your SELF? When God sees that you desperately want to be saved, not just from alcoholism, but from all your sinful desires,He will rescue you. He always answers those who admit their wretchedness and honestly cry, “God, be merciful to me a sinner.”
  2. God offers to deliver those who repent of their rebellion against Him. But repentance is costly. It means surrendering your stubborn will to God and giving up every right to control your own life. When God’s Spirit makes you sorry for your sins with a godly sorrow, and you sincerely desire to live an entirely different life, God can begin to work. He says, “Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.” What a promise! What a gift!
  3. “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved” (Acts 16:31). Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6). Do not depend on yourself. Put all your trust in Jesus Christ. Drink freely of the Living Water He offers you (John 4:14), and He will quench the thirst of your soul.
  4. Open your heart to Jesus Christ and receive Him into your life.With Christ living in you by His Spirit, you will be able to say with Apostle Paul, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (Philippians 4:13).
  5. Confess Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. Tell others the Saviour has delivered you. Let them know He is now directing your steps in a new life of freedom. Your testimony will soon separate you from the “Christ-mockers” who keep dragging you down.
  6. Separate yourself from all degrading influences. Tell your old friends you are going to serve the Lord. Invite them to join you, and then give up their companionship forever if they are not interested. Stay away from all places where strong drink is served. Don’t even look at the old stuff. The wisest man who ever lived said, “Look not thou upon the wine when it is red . . . . At the last it biteth like a serpent” (Proverbs 23:31, 32). “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, and will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty” (2 Corinthians 6:17, 18).
  7. Unite in an intimate, active fellowship with the most spiritual, faithful congregation of Christians you can find. “Then they that gladly received his word were baptized . . . . And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers” (Acts 2:41, 42). Here is God’s cure for the loneliness and uselessness which often drive a person to drink. Join the holy, happy company of genuine Christians, and associate with them as much as possible.Help them and be humble enough to let them help you.
  8. Delight yourself in the Lord and in His Word. Ask God to replace your desire for alcohol with a hunger and thirst for His truth. Trust the Holy Spirit to help you understand the Bible and promptly obey whatever He asks you to do.
  9. Make special efforts to help other drunkards. You know how you were delivered. As they observe you resisting temptation, they will know there is hope for them also.
  10. Do everything you can to warn young people of the dangers of strong drink. Give your testimony. Call attention to the teachings of God’s Word: “Awake, ye drunkards, and weep; and howl, all ye drinkers of wine” (Joel 1:5). “For the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty” (Proverbs 23:21). “Who hath woe? who hath sorrow? who hath contentions? who hath babbling? who hath wounds without cause? who hath redness of eyes? They that tarry long at the wine; they that go to seek mixed wine” (Proverbs 23:29, 30). “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise” (Proverbs 20:1).

God’s cure, available to all, is fully guaranteed! Jesus Himself promised, “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed” (John 8:36).

—Clarence Fretz, adapted

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  1. I’m going through a bad place in my life trying to quit drinking only been drinking a year please pray for me Shane lowe. I want and believe in Jesus I know he died for all my sins. I know he. Went to heaven to intercede to the father for my sins. Jesus I give you my life my all please deliver me FATHER GOD from anxiety fear and drinking in JESUS MIGHTY NAME.

  2. let me also say that, DO NOT let the devil intimidate you about having to suffer through the alcohol withdrawls. he played on me with that LIE for the last two days before i quit drinking,,,,, just quit drinking cold turkey, lay a bible on your chest open with your favorite bible verse.. you do not have to have sweats, or horrible nightmares,,, GOD WILL COMFORT YOU AS YOU SLEEP AND GIVE YOU PEACEFUL BEAUTIUFL DREAMS!! so do not fall for that lie of i may need to drink to stop the horrible withdrawls,,,, our GOD IS AWESONE AND IS ABLE TO HEAL, COMFORT AND DELIVER,,QUICKLY

  3. I pray for God, the Lord Jesus Christ deliver me from the evils of alcohol this day, there must be hope my mind tells me

    • The battle rages between good and evil. We must surrender our self will and desires unto God the Father who will give us victory through Jesus Christ.—-Romans 12:21, Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. 1 John 4:4-5, Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God? Revelation 21:7, He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.

    • This demon has haunted me for at least 25 years. Yes ,i had multiple periods of short term sobriety,(never more than 90 days)..always followed by a worse relapse,, each time i stumbled i do more damage than the last,, i just recently come off a ten day binge,this morning i said NO MORE!! im so sick and tired or this nightmare,,i do good for a while ,i get complacent(meet a woman) and BAM! im off and running .dating is a big trigger for me,, im so sick of this monster,,,i prayed to GOD, i asked him to please heal my pain,,, and what ever you will is (if that means no dating) then i surrender all to GO TODAY

  4. Bless anyone who reads this. There is a cure through Jesus Christ.. the Messiah, The son of Man, The Son of God. All things can be cured with the Lord. Know that Jesus Loves you. I love you too and if I could help you I would.. but it is up to God who surely will deliver you from evil.

  5. Here is my testimony for any who would hear.

    – 17 year bender. 2-3times a week, up to a 12pack (or a fifth) at a time (sometimes way more). 2 DUIs.

    – Tried to quit several times. Did AA, rehab, so on and so on. Am gay, so bars are where you go to find. . . absolutely nothing of value whatsoever, and I had myself fooled hard.

    – Gave up bars 12 years in. Was solo drinking. In a toxic relationship.

    – Left relationship. Moved on my own. Solo drinking persisted.

    7/2020- Felt the Spirit tell me to get a Bible to keep in the car and read. Started reading the NT. By the time I was half through Luke, I:

    8/2020- quit drinking. Just walked away. No prayers. No asking. No repentance outside of the norm. Just done. My alcoholic mother tried to convince me to not give up drinking. But I persisted. Then:

    9/2020- mom died, from alcoholism. I had a moment with a six-pack. And I now know that I had two choices. I could drink to cope and risk being lost forever. Or I could just deal with it sober. I stayed sober.

    1/2021- lost mom’s father. So now I have no one on this earth who cares or thinks about me on a level like these two did. All alone. Self-hating. Depression. Wanting to die. Done with everything. Still done with alcohol.

    4/2021- mom’s birthday was last week. That was hard. Mine is next week. She was the only person who ALWAYS called me on my birthday. Fortunately I still have her VM from last birthday. Not sure if I will play it or not.

    I’ve been reading my Bible here and there. Participating more in church stuff. Watching a lot on topics about God. Meditating a TON on God.

    I will tell you, God is 100% the reason I have gotten through these 8 months from the preceding 40 years (specifically the 17 drunk years). Absolutely zero other explanation.

    No AA. No meds. No doctors. No therapists. No rehab. No inching off. Cold turkey. One day. Through the hardest time in my life. Still going strong.

    No interest in alcohol at all. I even went to the liquor store a while back to tempt myself. It took me 30 minutes to find anything I was willing to drink, and that anything was nothing. I just walked out. We all know a drunk can find something to drink in 20 seconds and be back home ready to waste away.

    I have a family member who, at 55, also walked away. They are atheist. I cannot say God did or did not act here. I feel God is always at work. But she will never give Him credit, and she found it for herself. She was miserable the years she was drinking, and miserable in the 20 years since.

    I did it by 40. With a TON of misery added on top. And I am still doing it to this day. Full submission to God is the only thing I can say will work for you.

    This is a true story.

    • A wonderful testimony of the power of God! He alone can do it.

      Yes, full submission to God is the only way to win!

    • I would like the lord Jesus & god to heal me from alcohol abuse

      Been drinking since age 5 ended up in many foster homes never did drugs

      But noticed pains in my upper right area that can be scary at times I certainly don’t want to die

    • I am so happy for you.
      I got drunk Thursday the 8th of July, 20, 2021. I got really sick but more sick of who I have become.
      I love and believe in Jesus Christ and have decided to dedicate my life to him.
      Please pray for me.
      My name is Paul Williams.

      • I prayed for you brother Paul my name is David e got bless you. Pray for me as well. Stay strong in the word and in him who have fought the battle and won. We already have the victory let’s just stay strong to the end and we shall see him! God bless you and a big Amen!

    • That is amazing! I want to stop drinking and I will with God’s help. Thank you for sharing.

    • Your experience resonated with me and I’m going to apply it to myself to stop drinking. I have been drinking every night for close to 30 years. I do it to zone out, escape from my thought because I’m not happy with my life. I want to be free from this because I know it’s not what God wants for me. He wants me to improve my life and nothing will ever improve if I continue this destructive habit. I go to aa meetings and get good suggestions and hear people talk about how their life improved when they stopped. But I persist in the habit because it allows me to escape thoughts of what I don’t like about my life and makes me forget my loneliness. I am going to call on God for help in getting me through the difficulty of giving up a habit that has been my “comfort” for years. Please pray that I can do it. I fear change but I also fear nothing good will happen for me unless I change.

      • When we realize what sin and disobedience are, along with the outcomes of those actions, the realization of change and the power of the Holy Spirit can effect our life. Seek Him and His will for your life.

    • I have prayed for 40 years plus, to quit drinking. I’ve been to rehabs 3 times. I can quit drinking for almost a month. I don’t even drink on Payday or my Birthday 🎂.I read the Bible on the Internet-I wore mine out. I pray everyday. My Faith in Jesus and God is wearing out. Please pray for me to quit drinking. God bless me to quit beer. It seems to me God does more punishing than curing.

    • Hello Joel, not sure if your still reading the Billboard, If so, know that your message is giving me encouragement to stop drinking I’ve been drinking off and on for many years and much of it has caused many problems. I hope you are not drinking, and staying sober and in God’s word. We all need help especially when we are alone and no one to talk to. Email me and I will send you my number so we can talk when needed.
      In God’s loving care. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Frank

  6. I’m Marie I grew up in a home where my mother fed me alcohol at age 5. By the time I ended up in foster care I would sneak out and drink. My motto was I love alcohol so much I could swim in it. Even after really bad hang overs and throwing up bile I still felt comforted by my drinking. I use to say. I’m throwing up my past. My past of sexual child hood abuse by my own mother. I am asking a prayer to be forgiven. To have a new outlook on life I never did drugs in my life. Alcohol was enough for me to handle
    But I do pray I am healed and will make a decision to have a full recovery thank you for reading and hearing me

    • You in no way need to be forgiven of the sins of your Mother.
      However ask our Lord to forgive her. If she did that to you she may have been through worse and she was destroyed inside and knew better… But couldn’t handle the hurt. We are all human and inside somewhere she never meant to do that or hurt you. No matter what your memories.

      Forgive them. They know not what they do. Forgive sinners and hurtful people.

      If you truly turn from the bottle and sexual things… God will see you are trying. He absolutely will pick you up. I never had faith. I always knew God was there from being a small child.

      But I never truly understood and believed that he could change things. But the covenant states that we have to change ourselves through our own decisions. That is why God gave us free will. He had faith in us that we would know the right things to do in all ways. Because we are 100% from God. We are his light energy burning in our heart and brain. He is every living and non living cellular and non cellular organism. Because he created it, and he is energy. We are all HIS energy and so he knows us. Because he is us. Our every thought. Our heart, soul and intentions he sees, feels and goes through just like we do. Because he is us. God says he can count the number of hairs on your head, even before you are born. He is YOU. Be good and loving. Forgive everyone. Because you are Him … Inside you need to be Him and love and forgive everyone. Not sexually because that is NOT love. Sex is for creating family for GOD.

      I’m an alcoholic and I smoke pot. I live in a terrible place. Fistfights, meth, screaming, slamming, pounding.. all day long. Bedbugs. I’m separate from the family I was born from. I am separate from the family I created, (my wife and children).. Because of my sins.

      He alone wanted me to reply to your post tonight… And also I did too of course. He didn’t tell me to do it. He told me to love people and pull them out of dark places because I am in a dark place.

      It’s all about healing and helping others. Not just yourself. You must LOVE.

      I love you. But as God intended. Not a partner or sexual partner. Not as a friend to do activities with… but as a brother of yours you can rely on. For food, water, safe sleep, the Word of God and hopefully gain more people in the process who will have true love for each other. People who read the word of God together and are actually happy about it because it has changed them in their hearts. Truly.

      In this world everyone doesn’t understand what they are living for. But if everyone were living for God… There would be no more hurt and doubt. God is where all our morals and loving human nature comes from. He created it.

      Forgive yourself, because God has already forgiven you for the things that you have NOT done wrong. (Especially your mother’s abuse) Ask for forgiveness for the things that you ARE doing wrong right this minute. And absolutely STOP everything that you asked forgiveness for that you truly in your heart know is sinful and hurtful to yourself and other people around you. Forgive every enemy you have and every person you pretend to hate. You don’t hate them. You love them and are upset because they don’t see it. So forgive them. They know not what they do. Love them and do kind things. Turn yourself around inside .. do not hurt or argue or say mean things. Nod your head in acceptance of their anger and apologize and be humble. They themselves inside will feel bad also… And they will turn to you and you will gain a friend. And brother. Please hear me. I’m a simple no one.. 34 year old guy who messed up his life bad.

      I’m sorry if anything I said was ever offensive to you. Just read it over a few times and see that im being sincere. I have love for you and every single person on this earth, enemy or not. Please do the same. Help people in their heart about their hurts inside. All of it can be fixed with God.


    • I have spent five years in the bottle. I have stumbled and cursed and past out in front of my 3 kids. I am a functioning alcoholic, I go to work everyday then around five o clock the cravings start. I come up with a reason that I deserve a drink today because my day was so hard. One drink turns to 5 and then I’m drunk again and go to sleep. This has been so common that I hardly get a hangover anymore. I have punched doors and made a fool of myself so many times that I’m sorry is a regular phrase out of my mouth. I have thrown things at my wife and gotten mad at minuscule things. Bless her she has stuck with me throughout all of this. I am on the verge of loosing her now because she has had enough. We have worked so hard to build a good life for ourselves and our children and I am drinking it away. How did it come to this!!! JESUS PLEASE SAVE ME !!!!!!

    • This I do forget what lies behind and look to the cross ! Not sure we forget the ugliness of yesterdays sin, be it ours or others, but we learn to see things unconditionally and press forward Our enemy Satan, loves to see us punish our selves thru guilt, shame, and unforgiveness…Thats why I drank so hard was trying to numb the guilt of being a sinner , justification takes a moment sanctification eternity….God bless us who seek his ways not our flesh bodies….

  7. I am currently using a product Sobrenix. Supost to curb craving and clense body. Been using a week now. Seems to help. $35.00

    • I normally wouldn’t approve a post offering a product for sale. But in this case, the motive seems good, and I don’t see Gary having a personal benefit from his post. I looked at the reviews for it on Amazon, and over half of 443 reviewers found it helpful. Most added that it won’t do it on its own, but that it makes it easier to say no. It’s not a cure-all, but for a person genuinely looking for help it might be worth trying. However, don’t expect a miracle without God’s presence in your life.

    • I am orphan, I had a harsh life in my past. With God’s Grace I’m independent so far. But with alcoholic nature for the past five, six years I feel devastated. Please help me to serve our Lord with transparency.

      • I wont attempt to type your name.
        But like you I am struggling with alchol for years. Tried everything religion AA etc.
        Now 75 year old and still drinking.
        Want to stop but still not able.
        But I firmly believe in a higher power and I think that that is our only hope.
        Hang in there friend.

        • Hi everyone, I too know the personal devastation and hell of alcohol. I won’t bother with details. Just I will say this, pray to God, read the Bible and what stopped me drinking, through His great mercy was going to confession or rather over the phone, as per self distancing rules. But here is the rub, one know He can and will save you, and be absolutely honest in your confession. Let the Holy Spirit convict you. It’s not just the alcohol but our sinful lives as a whole, be honest; let go of it all. Because as a Christian that is what God wants you to see. You can’t just ask for help you have to look at it as Jesus asked the disciples, follow Christ in all your life, not just the alcohol. And Two, praise Him, praise His name and His works, again believe in Christ completely. Aside from that the advice in the article is good advice.
          God bless you all.

      • I will be praying for you as I pray for my family and myself! God is our present help in the time of trouble, he is a mighty deliverer and he will bring us out! I say us because I am radical enough to believe God for anyone that truly desires to be healed and delivered and set free to BE! This message I read today really blessed me and stirred something on the inside of me! So I decree and declare in the mighty name of Jesus we are all free from ourselves God is changing our appetites for sin! Disobedience and rebellion is no longer our portion! And I say unto you HOLD ON don’t GIVE UP! Love always your sister in Christ Cynthia ♥️♥️♥️????????????????????????

        • Amen, Ms. Cynthia! Wow, I needed to hear and read your words, of which I need to declare. God bless you, Sister. I have been alcohol-free for almost 10 years but not of earthy desires. Thank you for your post.

      • Have faith in your Higher Power, what ever it may be. I’m 11 days sober and I know that Jesus Christ is my Higher Power. My self and alcohol have ruined every facet of my life. Once you remember the pain, you will not want to feel it again. I pray that you find what your looking for, in Jesus name.

        • Keep it up! Stay focused on Christ. There are an infinite number of things, alcohol being one, that will fill the place of worship in a man’s heart. As soon as we lose our focus on the one legitimate focus of worship, which is Christ, something else will begin to fill it. God’s blessing on your struggle against alcohol.

          I’ll quote Romans 6:16 here, but the whole chapter is would really be worth reading.

          (Rom 6:16) Do you not know that to whom you present yourselves slaves to obey, you are that one’s slaves whom you obey, whether of sin leading to death, or of obedience leading to righteousness?

          Romans 6

      • I’m giving my life to you, Lord, today once and for all. Alcohol serves no purpose in my walk anymore. Please deliver us in Jesus’ name. Have mercy for our short comings. I’m done making the same mistake over and over. I will get rooted in Your Word when cravings hit.

    • I asked the Lord to help me quit drinking alcohol. I would drink one drink and get sick to my stomach, so I gave up drinking with the help of my wonderful Lord. I don’t associate with people that drink and won’t go to places where they sell

      • I’m 57 years old . I’ve been a functioning alcoholic for all of my adult life. It’s beer for me. I can’t quit drinking it. I’ve been a nurse for 35 years. I’ve never drank on the job and never been tempted to take any controlled drugs that my patients might have. It’s just beer. I’ve reared three kids well into adulthood. Never drank at their functions at school. When I get home, though, it’s beer time. I gave my soul to Jesus when I was about 12. It was kind of peer pressure, though. Everyone else had been baptized, but me. I want this taken away from me so bad. Please, pray for me! I may have messed up with my kids, but my grandchildren deserve a better Meme!

        • Hi Jan. You need to get some counselling or join an accountability group. With your record, that is the only way you’ll ever get past this problem.

        • Hi, Meme! Hopefully, I am kinder to say I understand how you feel and can feel your heart’s desire to want to quit King alcohol. Although, LB sounds harsh, accountability group and counseling can help accompany your inability to stop starting to take that first drink. Jesus wants you to be a better Meme. He loves you, unconditionally, otherwise, where do we think the desire to stop and become better comes from? You have support here. What has worked for me is a strong church fellowship and women who have gone through this. Prayer.

        • I enjoy Beer without alcohol. Budweiser has a new one with only 50 calories, and no alcohol. It hits the spot. I also like Ginger Ale. Canada Dry is good. I just love Vernors. Well good luck, and Jesus really did stop me from drinking. It would have eventually have killed me.

        • I just read your words this date. This is how I am. I dont know what to do.I too have harmed my children. I lost the only man I ever loved. I wish this could be taken from me. I pray. I will pray for you too.

    • Hi everyone, I too know the personal devastation and hell of alcohol. I won’t bother with details. Just I will say this, pray to God, read the Bible and what stopped me drinking, through His great mercy was going to confession or rather over the phone, as per self distancing rules. But here is the rub, one know He can and will save you, and be absolutely honest in your confession. Let the Holy Spirit convict you. It’s not just the alcohol but our sinful lives as a whole, be honest; let go of it all. Because as a Christian that is what God wants you to see. You can’t just ask for help you have to look at it as Jesus asked the disciples, follow Christ in all your life, not just the alcohol. And Two, praise Him, praise His name and His works, again believe in Christ completely. Aside from that the advice in the article is really good advice.
      A few last things, daily devotional and routine prayer. Daily devotional are really great in learning how profound is God’s love. Use them to remind yourself that He is there. Remember also and this was a massive revelation, Jesus is praying for you, remember that. And the Holy Spirit is real, he is there in you if you have excepted Christ and been baptised. The Holy Spirit is powerful, the Holy Spirit will wake you up, he will focus you and he will guide you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND YOU ARE NOT UNLOVED. You have the best support team any of us could ask for. PRAISE BE TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER.
      God bless you all.

  8. Thanks for the good information
    Kindly pray for me so that I can overcome this monster, I have been struggling with it for the last ten years.
    I need to leave it because it has interfered with my liver
    I need God’s intervention

    • Im praying 4 u Anthony please keep me in prayer also. Gary

    • Hello I just need to tell someone my issue..I got saved on oct 15th 2019 and got baptized on November 17th 2019..I have drank since I was 16 years old. I am now 46 and I got sober after I got saved and was doing good for awhile then it all came back and I began to drink a 6 pack on weekends and now its turn into a 12 pack on weekend nights I dont get drunk but I do get a buzz..my issue is I gave my life to the lord and I read my bible daily and I know I can not inherit the kingdom of heaven like this and I am scared to death and I do not like feeling like this at all..its like monday thru friday at work everything is great..my mind is on the lord and I worship him every single day and then when I get off on friday on my way home I stop and get a 12 pack..I just need prayers and really lost to what to do…I cant afford to go to a rehab or lose my job but at the same time I can lose my faith in christ ..he is more important then my job my house or anything..just at a loss in what to do..if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to email me at [email protected] …I read some comments and seen you can buy pills that will curve your appetite for alcohol and gonna look up as soon as I get down writing this..thanks and sorry for such a long post but I need help and prayers

      • Can you come up with some plan to help circumvent these failures? Could you get someone to pick you up at work and take you home? Maybe plan a Bible study with someone so that you don’t spend the evening alone? Be creative and remember that accountability is a major aid to overcoming addictions.

      • In truth, you need to start reading, watching videos on YouTube, learn a hobby, start writing, play video games. . . you need distraction. All that time you used to waste with alcohol is now idle time. And when we’re idle, we can start feeling sorry for ourselves and guilty. And that’s the Devil’s calling card. God forgave you. Christ renewed you. The Holy Spirit literally has you covered. Now go and find life in this life you live.

        Do not let yourself convince yourself you’re better off drinking. Because you’re not. And you know it. Don’t spend your time crying over the old life. This is the new life. You are the new person.

        Make sure you’ve cut all ties to alcohol, too.

        I am only 8 months in myself. But I can’t imagine I will relapse because I quite literally just have zero interest. I can’t fool myself into thinking anything useful of the stuff.

        If you’re bored a lot, get a hobby. Just about anything else you could waste your time with is better than wasting away at Margaritaville.

        May I recommend watching cooking shows on YouTube and teaching yourself how to cook complicated food that takes all day? Well worth the learning. Well worth the investment. Will distract you to no end. And will make you a hero in your hometown when you start to share your gift!

    • Keep praying and surrender you life to Christ. I too was an alcoholic and after repenting and being convicted Christ delivered me from my sickness. He completely too the desire away from me. I thank him everyday for saving myself soul. I’ll pray for you.

    • I understand how you feel Anthony as I have to believe the alcohol has also interfered with my overall health. I resigned d/t pandemic and made more time to take my drink. I don’t even remember our June beach trip. Only a few events. I am so tolerant I do not get even a buzz or a high of any kind. Why is this even an issue. I know I have anxiety but I am also a bonafide believer in Christ. I feel ashamed and just don’t know what else to say except I am an addict. I prayed for HIS help and already the very next day out of clear blue yonder my doctor sent me for a test called CDT it measures the amt of alcohol consumed over a two week time frame. I have not been honest about this. I pray somehow for an intervention. Thanks so much for your prayers. I truly was my happiest when I was not drinking at all.

  9. God helped me beat booze. 5 years. I feel great..beating my head hand overs against a wall for 32 disgusting defeated yrs, JESUS said ” you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. No one can take you out of GODS hands, that is what got me sober knowing he loves me unconditionally which makes me want to serve him not my flesh. Thank you Very happy now. Booze made me unhappy

  10. I need help, I pray to God daily for deliverance of this horrible disease, but yet, no answers and I keep suffering. I desperately want to stop drinking but nothing I’m doing seems to help…

    • I’ll keep you in my prayers Nicole, you do the same for me. Please and thank you. God bless you.

    • Gods timing and our timing are on different clocks.
      Be patient as God will free you on his time.

      I had the same timing problem with no response to my prayers but in due time, God delivered.

    • To Nicole: I am in a similar situation. I hope you can find God’s grace. At 51 years of age and multiple relapses I am exhausted from this struggle. I am trying to look at my shortcomings honestly and this is hard. I know that I am accountable for my life. God loves us even though at times we forget this because we are consumed with the Hell alcoholism brings forth. I honestly do not know how the rest of my life will turn out, trying to strengthen my faith, take care and wishing you peace and strength and love

    • I’m SORRY you’re struggling. I drank heavily for years. A month ago I had a seizure in the country, in front of my 70yr old dad. I prayed on it that night, quit the next day. I continued to have acute withdrawal symptoms that were bordering on life threatening. J couldn’t afford Medical Detox.

      But God could. A woman at my Church volunteered to loan me the money. 5 day medical detox, vitamin and mineral infusion, electrolytes back in balance. I Have never felt better. And the woman has since been repaid. She blessed me. God blessed me. Not a craving since.

      Point being, Trust God. Christ died on the cross for us. All of us!!! And when we make a big mess of things, he cleans it up. He loves to make something beautiful and whole out of something ugly and broken.

      • I need help.I suffer with severe depression and partial fetal alcohol syndrome. I am an alcoholic and an addict. My life is in ruins and I fear greatly going to Hell for it.I have admitted to God and another human being the exact nature of my wrongs.I am presently homeless and am staying with a friend who is also an alcoholic. I keep falling flat on my face with alcohol and I greatly fear that maybe God will not deliver me because of all the bad stuff I did when drunk or high.Please please pray for me ,that God will remove my sin of looking to substances for comfort instead of Him.I have nowhere to go and greatly fear that I am a failure as a Christian. Sometimes I think of suicide but I dont want to do that and hurt my loved ones or quit on God.However I wonder if God will forgive heal,and deliver me from this baffling disease of addictions. Please please pray God will forgive,cleanse and help me.Ive fallen so far down and greatly fear God will give up on me.

        • Hi Liz, thanks for sharing your struggles. God doesn’t give up on people. He loves you and wants you to come to Him for His help. In Matt 11, Jesus said, “Come unto me all ye who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest…” That means you too. But I think you should find some help from a mature Christian who can walk with you through this time. If you don’t know where to get help, call our toll-free number 833-678-7884 and speak to one of our phone team members. They can help you to find someone to help you.

        • Liz, It’s 3:30am for me as I write this. I stumbled across this page a little while ago, reading through the stories and hearing the sincere pleas for healing. I’m there, too. I am hoing to lose my loving, understanding husband if I dont stop–now. I stand to lose the businesss I struggled non-stop to create from the ground up, despite incredible obstacles. I know all too well why I am drinking and what I have to do. Praise God I’ve not allowed myself to get too far into the vicious cycle–yet (well, yes, anything that we put before God and that which jeopardizes our lives is too far, actually)–I haven’t lost everything–yet. I’m not truly hardcore drinking–yet. It isn’t daily with me–yet. Having lived with an alcoholic first husband 23 years and then my current husband had a problem for most of his life before and after having met me (but has since stopped for several years now), I’m well aware of where I am headed. I never had a problem myself up until the last couple of years. Anxiety kills. Coupled then with a diagnosis of 2 autoimmune disorders has taken me down and forced me to stop running my Christian daycare (yes, an alcoholic daycare owner–Christian at that). Anyway, I did not intend for this post to be about me, but about you. Of all the other’s stories, yours pulled at my heart. I can hear your plea, your cries. God will NEVER give up on us, Liz! Never! We are the ones who turn away from Him. THAT is the root source of our misery, our problems. It isn’t Him abandoning us; it’s the other way around. I am praying for you this moment, dear sister, that He will take this desire from both of us this very night and heal what is missing, what compels us to hurt ourselves. In Jesus Precious Holy Name, Amen.

      • Thank you all for sharing. I’ve been struggling as well…but today I am making an honest commitment to put the bottle
        Down and return to my Lord and Savior. On my knees surrendering all!!!

    • I understand and only prayed for a desire to stop. I was afraid to pray for HIM to stop me. HE answers prayers. I am holding on to psalm 91. I know who I am to HIM. I DESPERATELY do not want to shame HIM. I also don’t wish to die and this alcohol is a killer. Knowing this I am still sipping. The LORD has been so very good to me. I appreciate finding this site. I refuse to go back to treatment again and leave my family especially at a time like this. Already did this in 2001/2013 twice. Again, it’s nutso and for nothing except about 20,000$. It is already helping me just being able to talk about it. Even if no one is reading.
      Amen and thank GOD in the highest!

    • I went through a period of five years where I had an on/off again relationship. Don’t rely on this anecdote as a means of continuing your path. But do understand that I spent those 5 years breaking up with alcohol. It can be a long and slow process.

      My testimony is when you’re done you’re done. Find out why you’re not done and address those issues. One at a time. You will steadily rebuild a new life that alcohol isn’t a part of. You gotta do it for YOU first. And let God handle the rest.

      When I was done, I just walked away. I pray and think you will, too.

  11. I need prayer for my son, I can see that his drinking is getting worse every day. He goes to bars every day of the week and comes home so intoxicated where he slurs his speech and is somewhat unbalanced. There have been a few times that he falls asleep either in the street in front of the house or the driveway. I have had to go out and wake him up and he will deny that he was asleep. I dread the weekend cause he will go to a bar right after work and stay there for 6,7,8 hours and comes home. The other day I send him a text told him not to come home and it sent into a rage, he called back and began to accuse me of throwing everything back at him that he would talk to me about. That he did not trust me he just was not making any sense. I don’t know how to handle this but I know that GOD can, I pray and have faith that he hears me but I need a prayer group to lift him up in prayer to help me break that sprit off and let GOD and his angels’ minister to him. Please help and stand with me. I hear GOD say Love the sinner hate the sin but I worry so much that he will have an accident or get caught DUI

    • I will keep your son in my prayers Al. You’re doing the right thing, trust in God.

      • Prayer for my desire for drink is no more. I can’t do it alone.
        I go to the gym and then walk dogs (I’m a dog walker)
        When I get home a have a glass of wine. That used to be okay but the glass has now turned into a bottle of wine.
        I wake up in the morning and repeat this process. I live alone. I am able to go to dinner with friends and have one glass of wine and go home. No one knows I go home and drink 3 more glasses. So know I also feel I’m keeping it secret from shame. I will pray for everyone else on this post
        God Bless

        • One key phrase in your post is “no one knows”. Another is “I’m keeping it secret.” Accountability — to God and to other people — is key to finding victory over addictions. First, admit to yourself that you have a problem you can’t solve. Second, admit it to God. Third, admit it to people who can help you. –LB

    • Please pray that God would have mercy upon me I’ve been running

    • I am praying for your son. Please for me also that i stay sober. Life is so much better with iut drinking

  12. For all with addiction. I pray for your healing and for all to come closer to our Father God, for he is the way and the light,
    That we may all be together in the time of the rapture.

    I pray this in Jesus Christ

  13. Please pray that my husband stops drinking forever.
    O Lord,almighty,I beg you you help my husband quit alcohol forever. I Know he is trying very hard but please show him the right path so that he quit it permanently. I trust my lord blindly and I am sure I will see the result of my prayer very soon. Lord Jesus ur my only hope u alone can help him bring him out f this alcohol. Beg u Lord please give him understanding and help him forget alcohol n grow stronger spiritually as ur child. Help him concentrate on work that u blessed him wit and keep him away from desire to drink. I ask this in name of Christ Jesus. Amen

  14. been at the bottom for all my life. I messed up people and their life. “Yes on Me”

    • August 19th, 2017, my Mother died unexpectedly. I was there with her when she took her last breath. All I could think about, was getting home to drink. To block the pain that was ripping me apart. I couldn’t imagine going on without her. Drinking became everything to me. I stayed this way for @ 7 months. I met my husband and I just wanted to change, for myself. As if, i felt i had something to live for. And yes, it’s always good in the beginning. As problems came about,wy family and husbands ex, I found myself just wanting to drink again. I became so depressed. I already suffered from depression and anxiety, but this was different, as I really wanted to remain sober and to not allow alcohol to be my crutch. My crutch for so many years of my life. So many wasted years. I live w so much guilt and shame and what ifs. I lost 4 family members within 4 years. The only man that was ever a dad to me, was my Grandfather. He died a month before my mom. Everything was catching up to me. The more I stayed sober,the harder the pain stayed. And lingered. I caved. And drank. I was w my husband, as he travels for work, all over. I was in a different state and alone in the hotel room. What a dark, miserable place to be. Mentally. I was more worried about letting him down, than my own self. I have been sober a year now. Am in counseling, again. Desiring a better relationship w God. My faith is important to me. I still struggle w depression and great anxiety. I feel so lost. Like a orphan. I am 44 and lost so much. I just want a do over. I didn’t know started a new relationship isn’t safe once you quit drinking. I can understand it now. No matter how much I talk to my husband,I can’t make him fully understand me. He didn’t know the drunken me for long. He had also quit drinking a couple years before me. However, he isn’t have the problem w it that I did/do. I am still in the memento that I need to impress him. Oh I cry. I break. But that’s for my losses. I know he doesn’t get how alcohol was my total crutch for many years. And now, I dont know where to go w all the pain, guilt,and moments when I just want to feel numb. I search for a better relationship w God. And sometimes I dont feel I am doing enough. I am afraid of so much. And no desire to do anything. It feels like I am screaming inside and I am alone w it all.

      • I hope you have found success in your journey. I posted my testimony here, so if it gets allowed, you should read it. I think we share a similar set of circumstances with the timing of losses. I had to let the pain go and just be okay with everything exactly as it is. I have to remind myself of this. It may not feel true in my mind, but it is in my heart. And sometimes it feels like my mom is here with me (room gets real cold sometimes when I am thinking about her and starting to feel sorry for myself).

        I pray you’ve found success. But just remember to always keep trying. Forgive. Accept. Find new indulgences that enhance your person.

  15. How is deliverance brought to one in denial ?

  16. Your problems would go away if you turn to Jesus Christ ????if you know me personally I’m a full blown alachiic (former) a violent one at that. As much times I gotten drunk and drove not remembering how i got there or home. From wrecking cars, to two dwi case’s, from blacking out fighting ppl to choking ppl, to yelling at my mom and father under the influence, From slamming police officer’s, to family violence case’s. I had to hit rock rock bottom to understand that the road I was going down was either death or jail. I come from a family of alcoholic’s both my grandpa’s died to cirrhosis liver, my dad’s a felon from 3 dwi. He changed his life around after the 3rd time going to prison. I was following his footsteps. I remember he took me to this AA meeting a while back, and said pooky you’ll never gonna learn if you don’t open the Bible i got you. I was stubborn and ignored it, i ain’t care i just wanted to drink since im young. About 13 day’s ago i hit rock bottom, caught a family violence and domestic violence case. In the cop car i realised i had to change. I was blessed to only receive a citation and a 24 hour hold. The good lord blessed me again, i really can’t tell anyone why. But he did and after that Saturday i gave me smoking and alcohol today marks my 12 day sober and 17 day smoke free. This posts is for the ppl who struggle with any problems turn to God, pray about it. And he will work his blessing upon you i promise. Im blessed to be free right now, God has amazing thing’s in store for me ☝????. I love you Jesus ????

    • I am praying for your son. Please for me also that i stay sober. Life is so much better with iut drinking

    • Thanks for sharing.. I’m on that path now and need to surrender everything to Jesus.. please prayers for no jail time for my 2nd DUI.. court date 3/24/2020.. prayers for strength to stay away from alcohol..once again ..and I pray to let go of the shame for relapsing so often.. I dont wanna live this way anymore… I put it all in Gods hands..

  17. My girlfriend Tiffany and I have been struggling with alcoholism for all of our adult lives, please pray for us, Love, Mark

    • I struggle terribly

      • God bless all of your beautiful souls! I believe Jesus can and WILL heal us! It is not his will for us that we suffer but live peaceful, joyful lives praising Him for delivering us from Satans grasp on our lives-he wants to destroy us and he won’t stop until we are dead! We can do this! Praying for all of you-God Bless????❤️

      • Lord, Jesus, my savior, please take away my desire for alcohol. I am an alcoholic! I have been full blown alcoholic for 10 years. I am raising a grandson who deserves better. Open my heart Lord. Fill me with your holy spirit. Forgive me and heal me! In the name of Jesus Christ amen.

  18. I need prayer for my alcohol addiction I am 50 a female been drinking since I was 5 my mother made me drink as a child and we ended up in foster care now I am on 1 week of sober no drinks but I want to be forgiven I also ended up with pneumonia I believe from binge drinking.

    • Hi Mary 1st congratulations on your sobriety. I had a major binge drinking problem. Every time I came of the binge drinking wich would last between 1 to 2 weeks I always tried seeking GOD and prayed to our saviour Jesus for help. I often had help and I would change and attend church and go back to my normal routine until the last time when I drunk heavily on and off over a 3 month period. It felt like I wanted to kill myself. I believe I would have died had it not be for Our saviour Jesus. I became dehydrated and lost too much weight in that fraction of time. Still the Most High was working in my life. My neighbor’s a friend of my brother kept bringing me water and lucozade for energy when I left my house. I eventually stopped drinking and went into psychosis . I believed I had died. And I experienced the worst hell of my life. I was told I was in hell when I died. I prayed and prayed for forgiviness while in this state. I experienced seeing evil and dirty looking people everyone looked like they belonged in hell. Food looked like it was rotting and my body felt strange. This is when I was in hospital for a month. But I knew I had to repent of all my sins. And change my life completely. Once you die and go to hell there is no coming back.u become corrupt. Your mind becomes corrupt. I believe GOD allowed me to experience that so I knew how bad my situation was and where I was heading.GOD forgives but don’t leave it too late. Ask for help and you shall be answered. It’s not easy but it’s worth it.

    • I want to be free from drinking and morals wrongs. I really want to serve God but I am missing so much out on him. Help me pray

      • I need help , good Lord I cannot do this by myself anymore I am surrendering I am giving my all to you only you can help me I have a drinking problem .

      • Please dear lord, help my son who us struggling terribly with alcohol. Please give him strength and courage to fight this battle. Amen

        • I pray for my brother who is struggling with this illness. Lord please give him strength to continue getting help and guide him through this very difficult journey. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  19. Please pray for me,I am an acholic binge drinker,I have been drinking for most of my life,I have shame guilt,I have hurt my wife and family from this addiction,I have broken every commandment in the Bible,it’s just a bad cycle,I have prayed many times thank u,. Sincerely B w

    • God be with you now and always. I have the same issues. The guilt and shame won’t seem to stop. I’ve known I was a drunk and addict since I was 17. I’m now 55. Not sure why I’m still alive. I am afraid for my salvation.
      Knowing me is like waiting for the other shoe to drop.
      I’ve alienated everyone I ever cared about. Jill

    • I am praying for you by name Bill. Your honesty is very admirable. Folks are so quick to judge us. Who in the world wants to destroy their life, including their family, health, job, etch=no one desires this. I love the LORD and I feel I know HIM MORE IMPORTANTLY HE KNOWS ME! still I shame myself privately in my closet. Pray for me too that the desire go away. Plz GOD!

    • May I suggest the Charlie and Bill tapes of AA. You can google them. I have been sober for 5 years. By reading and following God’s word I basically did what is described in these tapes. The Lord led me to them recently as my son is struggling with alcohol. It explains the root, the solution and the steps in the simplest terms.
      I pray that God would give you the courage and strength to pursue your sobriety, relying on Him.


  21. I am an Alcoholic and battling with this disease for over 20 years. I try to not have a beer but its so hard. I have found a really nice Church and I know i need to Let Go. Let GOD. I need lotsa prayers and i will also pray for others

    • I will be praying for all of you as I too need to stop drinking! I am a dedicated Christian, but still struggle with drinking. Since Christmas time my husband and I have been drinking quite a bit and I always feel so ashamed and guilty afterwards because it leads to lots of arguing and cursing. We always forgive each other, but it’s hard to forgive myself and it always makes me wonder how I can be a for real Christian and do/say these things! I’m praying for all of you and ask that you would pray for me and my husband as well. That all of us be delivered from the bondage and lies of alcohol. In Jesus’ mighty name, AMEN

    • Hi Jorge! I know how extemely difficult it is. As much as it poisons us, the craving always comes back. Don’t understand how I manage to forget the hell I put myself and others through too.Laying in a psych ward, locked down, sometimes restrained,vomiting and shaking like a leaf, usually hallucinating to the point where I don’t know who or where I am. Terrified my mind will get stuck in the DT’s. My prayers are with you. It’s just gotta stop. Please, Jesus. I turn into some kind of monster. Really.I’ve had 3 exorcisms.I stopped trusting myself many years ago. Don’t know why Jesus still loves me. He did say He would NEVER leave nor forsake us. I believe Him. There’s nothing I can do right or good enough.Only He is greater than this. I’m gonna praise Him no matter what.

      • Father please help my son steven. He struggles with alcohol. I don’t know what else to do. Please deliver him Father. When he drinks he’s a whole other person. When my son doesn’t drink he’s kind loving caring . and so obedient. But the minute he starts to drink he slures alot when he talks. And always goes back to the past. I’ve told him that to look forward not back. The enemy wants to keep you in the past. But God wants us looking toward the future. It breaks my heart as a mother to see him in this condition Father.

  22. Here’s an open comment for all our readers who are struggling with this issue. If you truly want to find victory, here some things you will need to do. First, find a Biblical church and share your problem with them, because you need their help. Ask for some Christian friends to set up an accountability group for you. Make sure that your daily time with God is meaningful as well. We have found that if you are not willing to admit that you need the help of God, and other people, and are not willing to admit that you have a serious problem, you will not find long term victory. If you are not a Christian and you would like help to find Christ, and have someone pray with you, call our toll-free number 855-367-8788 [855 FOR TRUTH]. Press 0 to bypass the introduction and be placed in the calling queue. God bless you as you seek Him. If you do not live in North America, leave a comment and I will give you an email address to contact us. –LB

  23. i need help im tired and want to be delivered.. i need interstresgth to stop drinking it ruining my life.. pls pray for me

    • Totally surrender. Jesus will help you. Alcohol is all in the mind playing tricks on you making you think you need it. Once you surrender, Jesus will take over and you will be set free. The peace will be all over you from the Holy Spirit. It’s amazing. It is real. 1Cor 10:13

    • Hi Jorge! I know how extemely difficult it is. As much as it poisons us, the craving always comes back. Don’t understand how I manage to forget the hell I put myself and others through too.Laying in a psych ward, locked down, sometimes restrained,vomiting and shaking like a leaf, usually hallucinating to the point where I don’t know who or where I am. Terrified my mind will get stuck in the DT’s. My prayers are with you. It’s just gotta stop. Please, Jesus. I turn into some kind of monster. Really.I’ve had 3 exorcisms.I stopped trusting myself many years ago. Don’t know why Jesus still loves me. He did say He would NEVER leave nor forsake us. I believe Him. There’s nothing I can do right or good enough.Only He is greater than this. I’m gonna praise Him no matter what.i think of Satan laughing at me whenever I fail.

  24. Please pray for me,i have become slave to alcohol.Jesus heal me,deliver me.

  25. I’m reading responses realizing of course that I’m not alone. I’m currently laying in a hotel room in South Beach Miami having a typical panic attack. ( the kind you have when you’re positive you’re about to die). I’m supposed to get on a plane in a few hours but if I don’t feel better I will rent a car, drive home and lose my job. The side affect of alcohol in my life is panic, fear, and irrational thinking. Please throw my name in any prayers happening out there. Alcohol is destroying my life right in front of my face and I still can’t say that I will never drink again. I can rely on myself to fail.

    • @Adam, I don’t know if you will ever read this. But you need to take some positive steps to deal with your addiction. I suspect that you are at a crossroad in your life. Find Christ. Read the Gospels. Then find God’s people. Invite them into your life and make yourself accountable to them. Admit that you are helpless under the power of the drink demon that rules you. You are doomed to live in misery for life and eternity if you don’t take some positive steps. Call our toll free number anytime between 8:00 AM and midnight EST and talk with someone on our phone team. They will pray for you and with you, and give you further guidance if you need it. 855 FOR TRUTH [855-367-8788].

    • I am praying for you. I am also struggling with this unrelenting desire to drink. You are not alone. Please go find help in your community. I am going to go get help too because I can’t go on like this.

  26. I’m a binger, last night I passed out on the couch and woke up to barfing all over the carpet. I’m ashamed of myself, I’m am supposed to be a Christian example but I totally keep failing. I can’t do this alone, I don’t want to mention this to any people at my church because I don’t want them to Make me step down from any leadership. That will make me even more lonely than I am. I’ve struggled with this for years and am so tired of it. I could have died lastnight and I’m scared. I’m asking for prayer from anyone who understands.
    I have prayed and asked Jesus to help me that I need him. I have faith He will. I want to trust myself that I can do this with Him .

    • @Shannon, If you truly want to find victory, here some things you will need to do. You will need to share your problem with your church people, regardless of the cost, because you need their help. Ask for some Christian friends to set up an accountability group for you. Make sure that your daily time with God is meaningful as well. We have found that as long as people are not willing to admit that they need the help of other people, and are willing to admit that they have a serious problem, they will not find long term victory. If you would like further help to do this, and have someone pray for you, call our toll-free number 855-367-8788 [855 FOR TRUTH] and press 0 to bypass the introduction and be placed in the calling queue. God bless you as you seek Him.

    • I am happy to have found this site. I was in rehab for drinking a few years ago. After I was doing well for a few months. My anxiety disappeared, I was thinking clearly. But I have relapsed. Been drinking again for a few years again. I am 37 and have been divorced twice because of my bad habit. I lost 2 jobs because of my bad habit and I am doing exactly the same thing over and over. My financial situation is terrible.
      I need a prayer please. I have realised that I won’t be able to stop this habit by doing it alone. I am also so thankful that I realised it. I don’t wat to hurt the people that are in my life again. I need to stop. I have done it before. But this time it seems to be more difficult. I will be joining an AA group next week. Please pray for me I really need help.

  27. …. Haven’t had a drink in 4 days, still can’t sleep. But I function for my babies. But it’s getting better thankfully. Withdrawal was super, super bad the first 3 days. I still shake constantly but oh well. Was able to eat yesterday, and it all stayed down. Thank God. The way I found to over come addictions is to fall to my knees and just pray like no other, asking God to relieve me of this demon and then I was overcame by the holy ghost. My determination to recover strengthened so very much after doing this. We will get better with God by our side. He love us all so much, even though we fail him daily. It’s been a hard life, but God never said it was going to be easy. Praying for all of you in our recovery. We got this!!

    • Blessings, Lara. Keep looking to Jesus, and depend on Him for your strength. Find Christian friends to stand alongside you and pray with you and hold you accountable.

  28. I’m 26 years old just had my one year marriage anniversary this past August I’ve struggled with alcoholism since I was 18… alcohol fueled behavior mixed with past sexual assaults against me has pushed me to where I have had no limits of anger towards others when I’m drunk… my lovely husband has been supportive and understanding but is a drink away from leaving me if I pick up again and he finds out…. Jesus is in me… I know that I also know that he loves me and is for me… I am a believer! So I’m having a hard time understanding why I can’t give up something that has caused so much destruction in my life the last eight years… please pray for me I need Holy Spirit to live in me so that I can fight temptation! Satan continues to point and laugh at me with his demons because I am so weak that I cannot even trust and obey… just need a word just need to hear that one right thing so I can change finally… before it’s too late

    • Hi Tyriana. Thanks for sharing your experience here. I am going to share with you what I’ve shared with several others recently.

      Thanks for reaching out for help. That is often the first step to getting victory. First, let me warn you that it will not be an easy road for you. I was speaking recently with a man who was an alcoholic and found victory over thirty years ago. To this day he knows that he is just one drink away from failure. But the important thing is that he has never taken that one drink. And it is possible for you to do the same. However, it is not possible for you to do this in your own strength. You need the strength of Jesus, in the form of the Holy Spirit in your life. And you need the help of Christian friends who will hold you accountable. The man I just referred to still goes for his regular accountability meetings. He is helping others as well, but he still needs them for himself as well. So I would encourage you to make sure that you are walking close to Christ, that you spend time in prayer and reading your Bible, and that you find a group of Christian friends who are ready to lay themselves on the altar of Christ to help you to regain victory and keep you dry. I can’t overstate the importance of all of these, because if any parts of this are lacking, you won’t make it.

      Please call our toll-free number and talk to one of our phone team. They will be glad to pray for you and to try to help you take the necessary steps to find ongoing victory. Our number is 1-855-367-8788 [855 FOR TRUTH]

      • I am a recovering alcoholic that just celebrated 7 years of sobriety. What I can promise you is God will rescue you from this Hell on earth of alcoholism. I am a big fan of AA but you have to surrender and trust God to defeat this first and foremost. Alcohol is only a symptom, the problem is a hole in the soul that can only be filled by God

        • Thanks for your testimony, Nick. I hope it is an encouragement to some of the other commenters. An alcoholic seldom, if ever, finds victory without going for outside help. I met a man at a meeting I spoke at last year who told me that he’s been dry for thirty years and he still goes to his accountability meetings, in part to help others, but also because he still needs them himself. This is a life-long battle and we need Jesus in our hearts to give us the strength we need to stick to it.

  29. I have a big problem of not binge drinking. I am a God fearing women, I go to Church and even sing in my church but I also have a problem with drinking about 3-4 days a week and I hate it. But I’m addicted to it. I want it to end and I continually pray to our Lord to give me the strength to resist alcohol. But a few days later I’m right back there again. Please pray for me cause I don’t want this anymore. I want to be strong and end my drinking. I have set my count days to start today. Please pray for me to accomplish this.

    • Vera, I will gladly pray for you. God wants you to have victory, and He loves you. Here is something I wrote to someone else recently. Maybe you would find it helpful.

      Thanks for reaching out for help. That is often the first step to getting victory. First, let me warn you that it will not be an easy road for you. I was speaking recently with a man who was an alcoholic and found victory over thirty years ago. To this day he knows that he is just one drink away from failure. But the important thing is that he has never taken that one drink. And it is possible for you to do the same. However, it is not possible for you to do this in your own strength. You need the strength of Jesus, in the form of the Holy Spirit in your life. And you need the help of Christian friends who will hold you accountable. The man I just referred to still goes for his regular accountability meetings. He is helping others as well, but he still needs them for himself as well. So I would encourage you to make sure that you are walking close to Christ, that you spend time in prayer and reading your Bible, and that you find a group of Christian friends who are ready to lay themselves on the altar of Christ to help you to regain victory and keep you dry. I can’t overstate the importance of all of these, because if any parts of this are lacking, you won’t make it.

  30. been battling alcoholism for decades. turning 50 in a couple of years and I have no wife, kids, a place I can call my own and no career, in fact jobless right now. tried every religion known to man, every program out there.
    few days sober now and been trying to find Christians battling this disease. Accepted Christ and relapsed, gave up on religion and relapsed. Back to Christ and not have it in me to do battle anymore.
    wish someone who found release from alcoholism through Christ would just contact me and show me how they did it

    • Hi, I am a Christian struggling with this problem, but I know God will deliver us. We have to fall on our knees and pray every time we feel we want a drink. I just haven’t done this because, let’s face it, it’s the harder thing to do. You sound like you’re searching and that’s good. Go to your church and find a sponsor-type friend to hold you accountable. That’s what I’m about to do. I will be praying for you and everyone else on this forum. There’s hope for you. God will change you and give you a life you’ll be proud to have.

    • Keep praying. Keep believing that God will deliver you. We don’t do it the Lord does. God bless you I will pray for you my brother is struggling exactly like you

  31. Hi Lester,

    I’m troubled about how wine/alcohol is not 100% advised against in the Bible. If God didn’t want man to drink alcohol, then why would He allow Jesus to actually promote it with His first miracle? Why wasn’t there more admonishment toward the drunk apostles that night in the garden?

    • In New Testament times fermentation was a basic method of keeping juice from spoiling. And water quality tended to be poor. So they viewed it differently than we do. Have you read the other comments? Did you see the agony some of these people are going through? Even from a practical perspective I would discourage alcohol. Addictions are a horrible thing.

      • I just told my mom yesterday that knowing me is like waiting for the other shoe to drop. People get tired of hearing I’m sorry. Don’t know how I’ve lived to 55. Drank rubbing alcohol once when my sister told me, why why don’t you just shoot yourself in the head? I never understood people who can drink with impunity. But they don’t get smashed! To those of us who are wired goofy, I entirely blame Satan.
        Doesn’t God promise that He can restore everything the devil STOLE?!! I just want my dignity back.

  32. I can see that there are a lot of people out there struggling with alcohol, and probably other addictions. I’m not sure how many of you are acquainted with our work here at Billboard Evangelism. We have a phone team of over 25 Christians and you can usually reach one of them between 8:00 AM and midnight Eastern Time.

      Call 855-367-8788. It’s toll free.

    Sometimes you will have to wait in the queue for a few minutes until someone is freed up. But they will be happy to talk to you and try to give you some help. They will also pray for you, and get you on our nationwide prayer list if you ask. SPECIAL BLESSINGS ON EVERY PERSON OUT THERE TRYING TO FIND DELIVERANCE FROM ALCOHOL.

      Call 855-367-8788 –LB (admin)
  33. My name is Kevin Williams I cannot handle this lie anymore. Alcohol has come to a point where it brings me into other satanic things. God made me an intelligent man, I have no excuse. I have faced combat several times. I Mach my own honor. I lost the finest girlfriend I ever had, but she taught me how to pray. 20 years of a failed marriage because I lived in denial of that too. I finally meet a really beautiful person and I threw it away over a drink. I have no honor. I feel like I’m cursing at God at this point. I’m tired of asking why. I need a miracle. I can’t think of any other way to put this I need a miracle. I will be truly grateful and indebted to any stranger out there that will put my name in his discussion with God. Please.

    • Dear Mr Williams The miracle is you. God’s child. I will pray to God for the Holy Spirit to give you courage and strength to seek professional help and seek sanctuary with Christians who understand. Try AA. We all sin and make mistakes and we can also be forgiven, heal and get our lives back on track. Rebuke Satan and press into Jesus like a child needing comfort. I will pray for you right now. May you let God shine in your life. Robyn

    • I love you Robert. Everything will be ok. You can do this.

    • YOU GOT IT. I have prayed and cried and screamed and bled to no avail. I know Satan laughs at me.I think that makes Jesus mad. I also think that if I could help just one person crawl out of hell, it would all be worth it.I also have been anorexic, been raped and beaten, and then thrown in jail for probation violation. My crime was I drank.
      Did you know Noah was a drunk? God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. Remember that.

    • My Brother robert,,,i feel every single bit of your pain and suffering,,,my story is the exact same as yours,,,, i have lost many women,jobs and alomost my life after blacking out behind the wheel twice,,,,i just came off a ten day binge,,,,i feel (worthless)….(immorality) is my biggest trigger, so if i just stop (this sinful life) ,i know i can stop drinikng,,, i trust God

  34. Time is what the body and mind need to heal, after a few days it will start getting better everday, good complex carbs are good to wean one of the toxic cheap sugar in booze. Do your research for me a good multi vitamin,multi b’s and omega 3 fish oil to replenish nutrients. Detox is nothing to be fooled with there are good doctors out there to help don’t be to prideful to ask for help!!!!!! Strong in CHRIST…..

  35. Hang in there take one day at a time here a little things that might help others .it helps me stay focused
    Goal of the day avoid the one drink .
    After a hot day of hard work
    Drink a cold soda sweet juice,tea or fruit slushy
    Instead of rewarding the mind with alcohol reward the body with hobbies,fishing ,work out.
    Make short small plan goals like for example today I will make a plan of my day. When you achieve them you will feel strength and control.
    Keep mind busy
    Try not to think about drinking or pay no mind to the battlefield of the flesh
    If you take it one day at a time you know you will find you’re self sober.
    When I had stop drinking people still drink around me and they ask do you want a beer I said to them no sir I’m ok I’m not drinking today .I kept my battlefield to my self
    Day kept going they will ask me do you want a drink I tell them no I’m not drinking and im on the road to sobering up .after a while they got the picture and say wow so you no longer drink saying no to the alcohol gives me strength Thru the Lord .
    Little by little my life started to change I found my self away from regrets and blessed by god.

    When your flesh it’s thirsty drink a soda or a juice till you thirst goes away instead of a beer
    Thats a tool that I use to defeat my battle in the flesh.
    Do not drink till you thirsty drink fluids and don’t give you craving any room.
    God bless the warriors of life
    If you change something in life you will realized how much it made a difference.

    • Thank you. I really needed that.

    • I am searching for help! I feel as though I have tried almost everything and nothing helps me. I pray for help and nothing happens I have very strong demons that I cannot seem to kick. Alcohol has almost completely ruined my life. I have lost relationships, jobs, lived in utter and total embarrassment. I lost a child do to my disgusting behavior and I am asking for prayers to fight these demons. I just want my life back. I know I am meant to help and heal others but I cannot seem to help myself right now. My depression is so strong. Please give me any advice you have and help me to find the lord again so that I can keep these demons at bay. I am not meant for the life I am leading but I have nobody to blame but myself please help me

  36. Please pray for me. Im on day 1 of detox. Its so hard. Im So sick.

  37. I am battling alcoholism. i keep trying then falling backwards. God please help me overcome! I am asking for prayers for strength, and to overcome fear and fleshly desires.

    • Blessings to you today. I pray that God would be close to you and give you the strength you need. There are several things that often help: Surround yourself with Christian friends and a church that cares for you. And read the Bible every day. Memorize some verses that you can repeat when you are tempted. Listen to good Christian music that lifts your soul and causes you to think heavenly thoughts. Most of all, remember what Jesus did for you when he died for you. He wants you to be faithful — don’t let him down! -LB

    • Praying for myself and all others trying to stop drinking! I keep trying and failing.. please God help me. I don’t want this life anymore

  38. I’m just thinking about the faith side of God’s deliverance. Where does our Will to say no end and the Holy Spirit power begins?
    I believe He can do anything – move mountains… but this battle feels all mine.
    Can someone share personally about the experience of deliverance regarding alcohol?

    Many thanks

  39. I know I am an alcoholic, and with Jesus’ s help I had not picked up a drink for 16 months. Then life hit and the world looked good so I drank to be part of. The worse decision I ever made, now I have been drinking daily. Struggling to get back to the Lord and sobriety. I know through Christ a sober happy life is possible, I was living it. Satan fights the hardest when he is about to lose, I have to fight harder through Christ,.

    Please pray for me that I can start anew today.

    • Blessings Marc. I said a prayer for you. These struggles are too great for us to deal with in our own strength. But with God’s help and grace you can be victorious. Find some Christian fellowship and read your Bible. If you need help to find this, call our toll free number 1-855-367-8788. Someone will be glad to share with you and pray for you.

    • Be sober and vigilant for satan like a roaring lion seeks to devour you.. I tried for decades to serve GOD with a Budweiser in 1 hand and a bible in the other, the sin of drunkenness had me in a death grip until I realized GOD had me in his hands and soberly serving him thanking him and praising him is so much better then serving the flesh man, a little yeast levens the whole dough. Booze is like yeast 1 drink and poof the sin man is on a mission to cook himself, there is no moderation with alcohol once I saw that the battle of my mind won the fight..Stay strong in the LORD,,,,

  40. Please pray to me . I’m starting an alcohol detox today

  41. Please pray for me for strength.today is 8 days.i believe that I will be healed in Jesus name

  42. I have given up alcohol now for 8days.i was an a heavy alcoholic and tried to quit lots of times but always relapsed.i almost died drinking strong drink and then I said enough is enough, I am a believer so I said I’m going to take the first step by trying to stop and Jesus will then take ten.i believe I’m healed.

    • Thank you for your positive comment, Mark. We will pray that you can remain victorious in your battle. Put our toll-free number in your contacts list and call us if the battle gets too hard. 1-855-367-8788.

      • Please pray for Justin our son who just entered detox today.We are Pastors and Justin eas raised in church yet it got ahold of him He has a strong call on his life.

    • JESUS answers the broken repentful heart, I picture myself as the tax man beating his chest asking begging for mercy, the only thing alcohol did for me was give me a head ache from beating my head against a wall for 35 disgusting defeated yrs, JESUS said ” you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. No one including yourself can take you out of GODS hands, that is what got me sober knowing he loves me unconditionally which makes me want to serve him not my flesh.

    • I did the same thing as you. In Christ there is hope and deliverance.

    • How are you doing now? I really hope your successful!

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