When God Is All You Have

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Oct. 15 2021

Read: Psalm 70-71:12

“Be merciful unto me, O God, be merciful unto me: for my soul trusteth in thee: yea, in the shadow of thy wings will I make my refuge, until these calamities be overpast.” Psalm 57:1 

+++The young missionary pastor was perplexed. It seemed as though he was always living on the edge of some imminent catastrophe. This morning was no exception. He had just received word that a few of the young brethren had become involved in a house rental dispute. Words had led to fists, and those who had come to collect had gone away with smashed lips. This would have to be addressed.  

As he entered the village and parked his vehicle at the curb, he was again struck by the number of people on the street. The area was poor and the houses small, so children made the street their playground, and adults made it a place to socialize.  

Finding the house, he entered and was greeted warmly, and seated himself just inside the door. It did not take long until the conversation led to yesterday’s incident. He reminded the lads that they could not fight their battles with fists, but rather with love, and that violence begets violence. He had no sooner voiced the words, then a cloud seemed to hide the sun. The boys fled.  

In a minute the hut was surrounded by men obviously drunk and armed. One entered the house and angrily asked the father where the boys were. Before he answered, the man backhanded him across the face. It was an evident effort to incite a fight. In spite of the abuse, the father did not react. The situation was tense, and the young pastor feared for his own safety when it became clear they intended to settle the score by killing.  

Not knowing what else to do, he turned slowly toward the men at the door, and asked if he could go. They consented and he stepped outside. The street was deserted. He realized then that they were beyond human help, as the men surrounded him.  

He realized that this family, and he, had only God to turn to. That assurance swept over him like a wave. God was all he had. To be continued… 

~James Baer

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