Power and Authority over all Devils

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Oct. 29 2021

Read: Luke 9:1-6 and 2 Peter 5: 6-10

I am struck by the depth and the power of the commission that Christ gave to the disciples. He gave them power and authority over all devils, power to cure all diseases, and he sent them to preach the kingdom of God. Are you wondering if we can have this power and authority today?  

Is this power lying dormant in the church? Is this why the devil seems to be having a heyday in many congregations, where disunity and dissatisfaction are becoming evident even in the ones who are called to preach the Kingdom of God and His power through the Holy Spirit?  

Who did Christ call? Jesus called the twelve and gave these twelve humble men power and authority over all devils. There is not one devil loose in the world today who cannot be resisted and sent away wounded by the power of Jesus Christ. Will you be blessed by this truth and claim the phenomenal promise of our Lord Jesus that every devil you face can be resisted by a steadfast faith? A faith like this will make every devil, and even Lucifer himself, turn and flee in fear. This is the power of Christ that is available to us.  

Our stories vary, but all of us have fears that Satan can use as a foothold. Imagine that you have been awoken, and glancing at the clock, you notice that it is only 3:00 a.m. Your mind starts to turn, running over the things of yesterday and the fears of tomorrow. You try to close your mind to the cold jagged fear which threatens you. You try to turn over, but find you cannot because of the disease that has rendered you paralyzed. A sense of panic arises and grips you. Desperation clings to you like a damp cloth. You cry out for others to help you, but they do not hear. Where do you turn?  

Or imagine that you awake to the realization that last night you were arrested for your persistence to preach on the street of a Middle eastern city. Your death sentence has been clearly read. Death by beheading. The fear rises within you. The devils try to close in, but with Christ, you don’t need to fear.  

What is your story? Here is the antidote to all rampant fear. Do exactly like Peter suggests. Call upon the Lord with a firm, steadfast faith, and simply say: “I resist you (Satan) in the name of Jesus, and through the power of the blood of Christ my Lord, I ask you to leave.” He will flee. I have proven this true hundreds of times. As Jesus brings rest to your soul, you will fall peacefully asleep. Hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus.

~James Baer

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