Pepper’s Philosophy

I wrote unto the church: but Diotrephes, who loveth to have the preeminence among them, receiveth us not” (3 John 1:9)

Pepper is a fat little Chihuahua. As with humans, his priorities grow out of his philosophy of life. Pepper’s philosophy is so simple it can be stated in two short words: ME FIRST. He has worked out his philosophy in two simple mealtime rules that all the cats understand: first, Pepper gets the biggest and tastiest portion of any food served, and second, as soon as Pepper has wolfed down his choice morsel, anything the cats have not yet consumed is his too.  

One day the man gave the pets a few bits of grilled steak left over from the day before. As soon as Pepper’s keen nose identified the gift for the rarity it was, it was clear to him that this food was much too fine to be wasted on cats. When the man tossed Pepper his piece, he swallowed it with unbelievable speed, not bothering to chew it or taste it. The resulting fit of choking, wheezing, and coughing did not deter him from trying to intercept the pieces being thrown to the cats.  

Why didn’t Pepper take his piece of meat off to a secluded corner? There he could have lain down and held the delicacy between his paws as he nibbled and savored it, his keen nose bringing him sensory pleasure beyond anything humans can experience. No, Pepper’s philosophy prevents such a positive response to the gift he has received. Once again, Pepper has been defeated by his own selfish philosophy.  

What governs our priorities as humans? Do we do all for the glory of God? Do we care deeply for others, or do we share Pepper’s philosophy? No matter what answer we give, our actions will reveal the truth.  

If I must be first, my plight is the worst. 

From Paws on My Porch, by Gary Miller
© 2015 TGS International, PO Box 355, Berlin, Ohio 44610
Used by permission 


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