Pepper’s Dilemma

The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself” (Proverbs 11:25)

The meat was clearly visible inside the wire mesh box. The man had baited the box trap to be set out later, but for now it sat beside the back porch. The cats set to work seeing how they might get to the meat. They poked their paws through the wire, trying one angle and another, all to no avail. The trap door was shut, and there was no way to get the meat.  

Pepper, the fat little Chihuahua, arrived on the scene, woofed away the cats, and tried his paw at securing the prize. But with his short legs, he had even less chance of success than the cats did.  

It was cold, and soon Pepper was shivering and ready to return to his rug in the garage. But what if one of the cats figured out how to get that meat in his absence? He rushed at the cats, driving them away from the trap, but every time he started for his comfortable mat, they came sneaking back. He would have to choose whether to stay outside in the cold to guard “his” meat or to risk letting the cats get it while he slumbered. What a dilemma!  

Sometimes we get into similar dilemmas. Like Pepper’s, ours are self-inflicted. If we were just a bit more sharing and a bit less defensive, life would go much more smoothly for us and those around us. Pepper would be happier, healthier, and more relaxed if he would freely share his food with the cats. We have many more opportunities to share than Pepper does, and we can have godly love and concern for others. That is something Pepper will never understand.  

Serving self is mighty hard work, 
For self is a slave driver cruel; 
With self as your master, you never may shirk, 
And your pay will be that of a fool.

From Paws on My Porch, by Gary Miller
© 2015 TGS International, PO Box 355, Berlin, Ohio 44610
Used by permission 


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