Losing FAITH in GOD?

A lot of people seem to be losing faith in God today. Our post on HAVE YOU LOST FAITH IN GOD is the most popular post on this site. It gets about a quarter of our hits or views — well over a thousand views a month.

Jesus has the answer to your problems. To learn more about Jesus, read the Gospels in the New Testament. Or call our phone team and ask for prayer. They will be happy to share with you.


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  1. I have faced hard time Spiritually and it seem that God always come through, but this trial has really force to question everything from the past. Of whether everything that happen in the past were just Coincidence and God had anything to do with any of it. I find myself calling into question everything the bible says about the Character of God. I have search for answers and none have come to me how can a good father ignore his child. I know when my children call me I answer them with a yes or a no, but I answer them. Disappointed

    • Focus on Jesus rather than on yourself. Read the Gospels and pray. Why would you listen to Satan’s whispers? He hates you and is just trying to turn you away.

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