Have YOU lost faith in God?

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People often begin to lose faith in God as a result of their life experiences. Some face things that seem cruel or unbearable. Others are confronted with information presented from a secular viewpoint that rejects God.

Through experiences like these, people start questioning whether the God of the Bible truly has the answers to life’s problems. As they begin to doubt God, their faith begins to waver and weaken. As a result of their doubts, they may stop worshipping and communicating with God, which in turn, makes it even easier for their faith to diminish and eventually die.

God wants us to reach out to Him in faith, even when our faith feels very small. He wants us to trust Him even when it seems there is not much reason to do so. Several millennia ago, a man named Job experienced huge financial losses, deep grief in losing his children, and severe physical illness. At a time like this, Job would have seemingly had many reasons to doubt God and lose his faith. His wife even suggested that he curse God and die.

Job, however, rebuked her for her foolishness. Although he, too, at times questioned why these things were happening to him, he always returned to God in faith. His statement of faith in God is applicable for everyone who finds their faith wavering as a result of life experiences: “Though he [God] slay me, yet will I trust in him” (Job 13:15).

If you feel that you are losing faith in God or have already lost your faith, reach out to God anyway. Muster the small amount of faith you have to tell Him exactly how you feel and to seek His Word for answers to your life. Surround yourself with strong Christian people who will support you though your times of doubt. Not only will you experience the blessing of walking in relationship with a powerful God through the ups and downs of life, you can also anticipate a time when you will be received by Him and ushered into everlasting glory.

People lose faith in God for various reasons. On the following pages are two short accounts of people who lost their faith. 

Read Angela’s story on Page Two

God is Good?

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136 Responses

  1. I used to pray every day and go to church every week. At one point I thought God was answering my prayers with a loving partner. It turned out to be a nightmare and nothing I’ve prayed for has come to fruition. I mean does everything happen for a reason? Its seems to me that most of the jerks in life get what they want so how can God really be there advocating for all us. Loosing faith very quickly.

    1. Susan, I feel the same way you do. I’ve asked the same questions. I’ve done the same things you’ve done. I’ve learned that I go to church to hear the words of God and the sermon. It seems there’s always something in it for me. I don’t go for the people. I don’t dwell on a partner anymore. I have too much to do by myself. Someone else is a distraction. I’ve stopped praying by asking God for this and that so I won’t be disappointed. He’s not Santa Claus. He listens to our wants but if they’re not right then he’ll give us what we need instead. I’ve made mistakes going it alone without God involved. I wonder why I’m here and what is the purpose when he could’ve wiped us out at the first sins. Sometimes I feel like an ant under a magnifying glass. I do know He never meant for me to be in a family of abusive strict alcoholic Catholic parents. That’s their sin though and they’ll be punished. I can’t dwell on them or they waste more of my time. They’ve taken up enough of my time. Hating them makes me sick. I can’t let them do that. They’re the sick ones. God can help me if I don’t give up. Sometimes I don’t know what I should pray so I’m just quiet. Rather than ramble I just clear my mind and leave it alone. God knows what to do. If I jump in too fast or soon I’ll probably drown. I don’t know His reasons so I can’t answer your question. To know everything about God and what He’s thinking is impossible. He’s not a human with our minds. We don’t need to know everything. It would blow our minds. I think this is where faith and trust come in. I read the story of Job. He asked questions and didn’t understand. He realized though that God created everything and is the highest and that’s all we need to know. He never turned against God. I hope this helps. This is my take on the situation. This is how I approach it. I pray God will give you peace and lead you you in the right direction and you will know.

      “Let go and let God”

  2. I’ve been an atheist for more than a decade. ‘used to be a christian but stopped believing in an imaginary entity.
    If there really is a merciful god, why then did he allow millions of innocent people to die or suffer.
    Surely, you can’t always blame man and his original sin for the suffering that has been ongoing for centuries.
    This god could have done something to prevent this carnage, but no, he allowed it to happen, if he ever existed.
    Religion only divided people, created more hate and intolerance.
    Prayer amounted to nothing, even if you pray a million times, as proven by other people.
    Since becoming an atheist, my life has been a whole lot better and I’ll never trade it when I used to believe.

  3. I know the god exists, he used to work for me 2 years back. he still works for others. But doesnt work for me anymore. I had been in deep faith a month back until he shattered my faith.

    I didnt ask for anything to him, but on a very sad day I asked him to come and console me somehow. just tell me everythings gonna be alright.He didnt come, ni sign no signal. I kept crying and slept crying only. The day I realized, more I pray to got more I get attached to him. the more I am attached to him, higher gets my expectation. And when the expectations dont show up, you are hurt. and when you are hurt you need sympathy. So i stopped praying, so that i have no love for him, and no expectations from him. I feel i am on my own now. I know I am weeker now than before, would have been much better in his shadow, but that leaves me hurt now when he doesnt show up. I wish I was always like before, but loving him now is hurting myself. I know he can vanish me or everything just in a sec, but what can I do. Cant sleep crying everyday.

    I used to pray before bed and after bed, and few times during the day, not to ask for anything but just spirit to keep pray him forever. I used to tell him show me a good dream tonight or atleast come in my dream and talk to me or just smile but never did he.

    I used to be a very good person, not anymore. I hope he sparks the love in me again soon.

    1. Agrawatl, I am very sorry you have been going through this. It’s unfair and cruel. I have come to the same conclusion. *God*does*not*care*. He cares not for the lamb or the lion. You can still be a good person and not rely on a narcissistic God to judge you. We keep making excuses for a God who is dispassionate about us. We try to make him like an earthy father, which is a big mistake. If one were to read the bible objectively, then the theme is simple. Believe in me or I will torture you for all eternity. He has set impossible goals for us, allows (and inflicts) indescribable pain and suffering, and then torments us with judgment when we succumb that to that pain and torture. How is this all-loving, all-compassionate, and all-merciful? Focus on the word “all”. With that word, he fails in every aspect. I choose to reject him and all he stands for, as he will gladly impart misery and pain for his own perverted enjoyment. No thanks. Instead, focus on what *YOU* can do to make your life better and don’t rely on him. Pull away your mind, heart, and soul and look inside of yourself for peace. Life will continue to be hard. It’s the only way to break free of the lie that God is loving. Otherwise, you will torture yourself to insanity, which I am sure he would love.

  4. I’ve lost faith in God and Jesus. I’m questioning their existence. Yes, I’ve read the entire chapter of Job. I hate to whine about my past childhood abuse, crushed dreams, and sisters with few problems. All my parents cared about was their catholic beliefs and dad didn’t want children at all. He moved us away from family and friends to drink himself to death. Our Mother didn’t come to our rescue. Yet, she lives the good life. My Sisters and I have broken relationships and problems with our kids. One never wanted any, another’s son ran away, and the other gave up her baby for adoption. They have few health problems but seems I have them all. One after another. I get a break, and here they come again. There’s no real healing. I went to college for nursing but couldn’t finish because of this. I don’t work in nursing because of this. I started on welfare and finally got off of it and now once again, living on welfare. Why wouldn’t God want me to succeed? Why did he give me all of the problems? I don’t want to hear it’s for a reason or to strengthen me or my faith, because it’s done the opposite. I went to church and saw people with yes, problems, but at least someone else to be supportive. I read my devotionals and Bible but nothing changed. Everything worsens. I don’t enjoy life and have no purpose. This is a cruel game God plays, if he exists. No, I’m not suicidal. I take my happy pills and talk to a counselor who doesn’t judge me and understands why I feel the way I do. I’m tired of this. Jesus heals? Where’s my healing? God loves me? Why doesn’t he bless my efforts? Everytime I go to the doctor it’s something else. I’m not living, I’m surviving. It could be worse? Cancer? I’ve had that too. I won’t turn to atheism, but understand their reasoning. Give me a reason to believe. A reason to have faith. It seems it’s all a waste of time and energy.

    “Insecure people judge others”

    1. I hear what you are saying, and the hand that’s been dealt to you would certainly seem unfair. But then, what makes me think that life is fair? While I haven’t (yet) experienced all the painful things that you have, I believe that how I end up at the end of my life depends not so much on what happens to me, but more on how I choose to respond to those things.
      If a potato, an egg, and ground coffee beans are boiled in the same hot water, one gets hard, one gets soft, and one changes the water, creating a beverage most of us enjoy. What they are made of determines how they ‘respond’ to the same circumstance, and what effect it has on them.
      The fact that you have survived this far leads me to believe that God is still extending His love to you, inviting you to a closer relationship with Him. God isn’t finished with us yet!

    2. dear Pamela…

      in this earth we all face problems. yes God allows. But sit in the presence of God more for His reply. God will direct you by Bible verses.

      you can enjoy the life among all negatives


  5. I’ve been a Christian for around 9 years. Ever since I was 22. I’m 30 now. I lived in rebellion the whole time. It all started when I read about the unpardonable sin. I began having sever intrusive thoughts everyday. Still do. I always fought to live my own way. Now I feel like God tells me I “labor in vain” as I asked for wisdom to overcome these terrible trials and afflictions. I can literally feel evil spirits bite me and stab me. I’m in absolute torment. I feel hopeless and I feel burning inside. All because of my sexual sins and idolatry. I have no peace for years now but the last three months have been the worst ever. It was only after I tried to repent that these severe trials came. I kept hoping to be brought out and be reconciled to God. But I fear my worst fears have came to me. I’ve been fasting for around twenty days and only ate twice. I’m no better than I was than from when I started. I fear if I eat it’s going to be worse punishment for me. I hate my life so bad.

    1. Hi James,

      I am so sorry about you suffering. I have my own suffering which I am working through and I understand demon oppression. Christians can be oppressed of demons….they look for open doors to oppress and sin is an invitation for a demon. When we are willfully disobeying God, we are agreeing with satan, the father of lies. So all the intrusive thoughts are not yours but demonic and sin/rejecting God’s truth has allowed them a right. The good news is it is not too late. I have been working this through with a Christian ministry for over a year and many strongholds that I’ve allowed have been broken and I can recognize them now and quickly reject lies and embrace truth. You should go through your life identifying the people and situations you were put in that hurt/harmed you. Identify rejection, violence, neglect etc. How did it make you feel (violated, rejected, abandoned), what did it make you think (I can’t trust men/women, God is not good, He didn’t help me, I am fearful), FORGIVE the offenders (if only to be obedience to Christ and to be free…forgiveness is not saying what they did is right…we need to forgive…unforgiveness is a STRONGHOLD for satan). Then REPENT to God for sinning (when we were sinned against, we chose to abuse others, be angry, rebel against God). Ask for forgiveness of your sins as you have forgiven others. God forgives you! Now RENOUNCE any strongholds, wrong thinking, etc that you have allowed yourself to think and CANCEL any demonic assignments, satanic spells/rituals, plans of attack, etc. that the enemy has over you from your forgiven sins. SUBMIT yourself to God (obedience out of love for your freedom in Christ and gift of eternal life) and RESIST the devil and he will flee. satan is no match for God or for a spirit-filled child of God. Also, ASK to be filled with the Holy Spirit of God. READ God’s inspired Word, the Bible). Get sound teaching (people who are well versed and rooted in scripture/TRUTH. Repeat for all sexual relationships/sinning against your own body. PRAY always with thanksgiving. When we don’t walk in truth our whole life is a mess. And it doesn’t matter our background, what was done to us, if we want to hold onto that and allow lies to be our truth, we will be messed up forever! When you feel a spiritual attack, put on PRAISE & WORSHIP music. Worship the King of Kings! Demons will flee in terror! And they are probably attaching you more because you are aware of your sin and know that God is your hope and help and they don’t want that!!! And as far as the unpardonable sin, that is blaspheming the Holy Spirit which means saying the works of the Spirit are works of satan. READ the BIBLE! You will become spiritually strong! Also when demons attack, pray for the salvation of all those you know, pray for them to come to the knowledge of God’s mercy and grace and they will repent and be born again!! those demons wont hang around for long if you keep doing that. When they torment you, ready the Bible, when they harass you, worship God, when they bully you, PRAY! Be of good cheer JESUS has overcome the world. We will have trouble but He is with us until the end and He has given us His authority to TRAMPLE snakes and CRUSH scorpions. Be gentle as a dove and wise as a serpent. Live for God, it is the only way for you Christian! God bless you!!!!! Praying for you!

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