God’s Word: Enduring Through the Ages

Nine Part Audio Series

Used by permission

You can view the entire two-hour presentation in video format by going to the bottom of this post.

Segment 1: Introduction
Segment 2: Evidence of the Divine INSPIRATION of the Bible, Part 1
Segment 3: INSPIRATION, Part 2: Unique Message and Content
Segment 4: INSPIRATION, Part 3: Account of the Origin of the Cosmos
Segment 5: INSPIRATION, Part 4: Testimony of Archaeology
Segment 6: Session 2: Evidence of the Divine PRESERVATION of the Bible
Segment 7: Session 3: Evidence for the Divine CANONIZATION of the Bible
Segment 8: Session 4: Evidence of the Divine POWER AND INFLUENCE of the Bible
Segment 9: Conclusion

Full-length Video

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