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Some time ago I was holding a Gospel sign on a street corner in town when a man walked up to me to ask a few questions. He gave me his name and informed me that he was the vice-president of an atheist group, and the editor of the group’s newsletter. This gentleman had been seeing our Gospel signs around town, and wondered whether he could interview me for their newsletter. We exchanged contact information, and eventually we invited him and his wife over for a meal. We had a lengthy discussion after supper, and a few weeks later he sent me a list of questions, along with an essay, and invited me to respond. He told me to take all the space I needed, and that he would print my response in their next newsletter. Following are his questions and my answers, largely as they appeared in the newsletter.

–Roger Hertzler

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Interview Questions 1 – 6
Interview Questions 7 – 12
The Atheist’s Challenge
Responses to Challenge 1 – 4
Responses to Challenge 5
Responses to Challenge 6 – 10


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