After you die, you will meet God
After you die, you will meet God. Everyone knows they will die someday. The important thing so many neglect is being ready to die. Why is that important? Listen to this presentation and find out.

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  1. Can your billboards please have a different motive? My motive would be that life in earth would be better if people decided to get baptized. That’s a miricals awakening when they do. I don’t know what would inspire waterbaptism. I think that I would like it more if your billboards changed peoples desires, so they would desire to be born again. Faith comes from baptism as well. Why get baptized? Why spread the baptism word? Why did Jesus’desiples baptis all they could? Why is baptism around today? Well, it’s one key to salvation. Please please please change your billboards, to have a motive to inform people about it. What did jesus do? When did baptism happen? Yes spreading Jesus is well and good. But Jesus spread baptism. Water baptism was like a small seed that got bigger and moved the biggest mountains, when people followed through. Amen. I would use one of the biptism questions to get people’s curiouslity on billboards. Hope in the lord, baptism was a gift. Recieve the gift of baptism!

    1. I struggle with your definition in this comment. I’m all for baptism, but I believe that baptism is simply an outward symbol of what has happened already inside you. A testimony of your salvation, if you know what I mean. Our salvation is in Christ, through His work, not because we’ve been baptized. Theodosius marched his army into the river so that they were all baptized. That didn’t make Christians of them. Nor will it save a person today. But coming to Christ, repenting, and allowing Him to be our master will save us.

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