Arrive Alive

Tragedy strikes every ten minutes on American highways. Over 3,000 people a day die instead of arriving at their destination. Did you know that over 150,000 people around the world will die in the next 24 hours? How many of them will “arrive alive?”

What is after death?

How can one know what happens after death? Have you ever spoken with someone who died and came back to tell you? Doesn’t a person just die and that’s it? Job of old asked the question, “If a man die, shall he live again?” Stephen looked into Heaven. Apostle John recorded his visions of heaven, and the disciples watched as the Lord Jesus ascended to Heaven.

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Arrive Alive!

Arive Alive!

Foresight or “Farsight?” Tragedy strikes once every ten minutes on American highways. Five motorists die each hour amid twisted steel and shattered glass. Automobile accidents snuff out more than 800 lives every week and approximately 42,000 annually. “Dry statistics,” you say? Perhaps. But that doesn’t keep the odds from stacking up against you. Listen! The present accident rate marks 85 percent of all Americans for vehicle injury or death.

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