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What is Truth anyway? Does Truth even exist anymore? Is Truth the same for everyone? For some answers about Truth,

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Last Updated: Sept 2020

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  1. Thanks for all you do for Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God. We love seeing these billboards in the Dallas / Fort Worth metropolitan area and north Texas. Sometimes, you see others like these in rural areas, but rarely in the big cities. It it a refreshing change!!!

  2. Why must everyone be punished for the disobedience of two? In other words, shouldn’t Adam & Eve be the only ones to be punished for their disobedience?

    • Adam and Eve were punished for their own sin. You and I will be punished for OUR sins not theirs. However, their sin did change the natural inclinations of our hearts. Note that it is useless to ask forgiveness for the sins of our ancestors. Each person is judged by his own sins or responses to sin. God wants everyone to be saved, but He will not make the decision for us.

      • The question of why everybody was affected still remains. The affects of original sin should remain on Adam and Even.

        • The fact is that our sin DOES affect others. That’s a natural law God has put in place. It does us little good to wish it were otherwise.

    • It seems wrong that anyone should have been punished. Adam and Eve, prior to eating from the Tree of knowledge, would not have know it was bad to eat the fruit. Once they ate it, they knew the difference from right and wrong, but it was too late. And why is knowledge of good and evil such a bad thing anyway. How can we do good if we don’t know what good is, and how can we avoid evil if we likewise don’t know what is bad.

      • Just a couple more thoughts to toss into the mixture. God gave them one rule–don’t eat the fruit of that one tree. He even told them what would happen if they did. So they weren’t really innocent when they sinned. The knowledge of good and evil has caused the entire mess humanity lives in today. How can you say that isn’t a bad thing? Good, for them, was obeying God’s command. Evil was disobeying the command. To avoid evil, all they had to do was obey that one rule.

  3. My husband and I drive truck all across America. We thankfully are Christians, and appreciate the numerous billboards you have. We also (unfortunately) have seen many car wrecks where people have gotten killed. I always wonder about those people’s eternity. Were they Christians? Did they have time to ask forgiveness and accept salvation right before they died? Or did their life ended instantly upon impact? If so, will they be in eternal hell, or spend eternity with Jesus our Savior? We all should prepare for eternity BEFORE it is too late. Thank you and may God bless.

  4. Is there a way to contribute to your ministry?

    • Yes, you can go to https://gospelbillboards.org/about/ and pay by PayPal or credit card. Debit cards are also accepted.

      • What is the true meaning behind the cross and why is it so important? I was recently approached by a group of Mormons who were trying to, for a lack of a better word, indoctrinate me into their church. When I went to their church on Sunday I noticed that there wasn’t any crosses anywhere. Their reasoning behind it was that they celebrate the life of Jesus, not his death. I found their answer very disingenuous. I’m interested in learning more from a true Christian point of view.

        • Mormons believe Jesus was crucified on a torture stake. Their church buildings can be identified because they have a stake on the roof where you would normally see a cross. Note that the sponsors of this website do not put crosses on their church buildings either, because of the tendency amongst Christians to idolize the cross. The true meaning of the cross for us today is death to sin.

        • Hello, there. Glory to God for your billboards. I live in Utah and it’s nice to see them driving on the freeway. May God just use this ministry to further His Kingdom. God bless, fight the good fight of Faith my brother/sister. Love you

  5. I have a serious question. How can I repent if I’m not sure that I
    A. ) see my sin for what it is apart from just havimg the knowledge it’s bad
    B.) Don’t have any sorrow for it, let alone godly sorrow?
    I have prayed so many times for God to change me and it can be pretty hard to ask or i guess i should say to want to change. I feel the main if not the only reason I’m like alright I’ll repent is because I don’t want to go to hell! I know He commands me to repent and I can’t do so without His help! I need Him to cause me to have godly sorrow for my sins. I feel my only option is to keep asking Him to help me until He does. Please pray for me!

    • Conviction for sin is a gift from God. I met a man one time who spurned God’s call and it went eight years before God called again. When God did reach out to him, he responded to the call. Is this happening to you? I don’t know. But I do know that God loves us and He wants us to be saved. The very fact that you see the sinfulness of your sin is evidence that He is still speaking to your heart. I would suggest that you read the Gospels, starting with Matthew, to get a glimpse of the heart of Jesus. Jesus calls us to join His kingdom. He died for you so that you could be saved. I believe that too many people “become” Christians for selfish reasons. The point of the gospel isn’t escaping hell. The point is to serve Christ and our fellowman, out of a love for both. Doing so will prepare us for heaven, but that isn’t the point of it all. I remember one time when it really struck me that my sins had added to the burden Jesus carried with Him to the cross. I felt compelled to tell Him that I was sorry for making his load heavier and harder. It’s just as if I had struck one or two the blows with the hammer that nailed Him to His cross. Think about it. Ponder it. Cry because of it.

  6. We are Jesus followers and are driving through Utah. I am so saddened by the deception here and the false doctrines. When I saw your billboards my heart leapt . I had to check out to see who put them up! Thank you for caring about lost souls.

  7. I’m a believer for a long time but not the best at being a christian. I really don’t know what is best for me to read in the bible. I thought of reading like a book from front to back but basically question my self

  8. What’s your source of income; how do you pay for billboards? How many do you have posted?

    • Some of your questions are answered at this link. GospelBillboards.org is sponsored by Christian Aid Ministries Our income comes from donations, mostly from Amish, Mennonite, and other Anabaptist groups. We have between 750 and 1500 billboards and city posters up across North America at any given time. It varies depending on available contracts and the time of year.

  9. Well am i going to hell or not?? I need answers here. I must know if I should sin tonight or not, lets get this show on the road here buddy.

    • I’m supposing you were trying to poke fun at the idea. I thought of ignoring this comment, but decided to post it anyway. I gave a tract to a young man on the street one time, entitled “Hell is No Joke”. He took it, read the title, then gave me a grin. But he kept it and I hope he read it. Because eternity is nothing to joke about. But anyone who wants to enjoy sin until the end, then get on board a train for heaven will be sadly disappointed I fear. It’s no joke, my friend. Jesus gave his life for you, and this is how you respond to Him? Think about it.

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