What is Man? 

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Consider Hebrews 2:6-9 and Psalm 8:4-6. What is man?

While we hear a lot about man’s depraved state, we can’t forget that man is created in the image of God. Because of this, God places much value on the nature of man. 

 Today’s featured verses ask why God is even mindful of man. These verses go on to explain that God crowned man with glory and honor! Man, created in God’s image, was and still is the crown of creation. There are several reasons I believe that the nature of man holds a level of dignity.  

There is a dignity regarding the nature of man, for the simple reason that God, in the incarnation, clothed Christ in the nature of man. Read Hebrews 2:14-18, and you will see the real reason why Christ took on human nature. He showed us how to live in the flesh, and also how to die in the flesh. He strove to prove that our sinful nature could be holy even as the Spirit of God that lived in it. God’s plan was lofty, and it was accomplished in the incarnation of Jesus when God took upon Himself the likeness of man. 

The dignity of human nature is shown in the fact that man is the only part of creation that has both physical and spiritual characteristics. Because of this, he was given the lordship of all creation. “Thou didst set him over the works of thy hands.” The world was made for man. 

The dignity of man’s nature is also seen in his fellowship with God. God is mindful of man. God “visits” man as today’s verses tell us. Here is one in creation—the only one—whom God could commune with. The Scriptures are a testimony to God’s joy in fellowship with man, and also His sorrow and care for the human family. 

Truly, all that we are to be is realized in Christ. Verses 9-18 teach us that Christ the mediator’s work was perfected through Him assuming human nature. His suffering in the flesh brought glory and honor. He destroyed the power of the devil for his children.  

What a Savior! What a Lord! What a merciful and faithful high priest! 

~James Baer 

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