Can Good Morals Save Us?

We can be the best moral man in the world, and still be lost. If our thoughts are not pure, or our motives are not pure, we are still sinners. You may never commit adultery, but if your mind is there, you are an adulterer just the same. You may never commit murder, but if you are murdering your brother daily in your mind, you are a murderer just the same.

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Take Off Your Shoes

Throughout the Old Testament, we see the spectacular manifestations of the presence of God. At creation, He spoke and worlds came into being. At Sinai, He came with storm and fire and tempest. At the dedication of the temple, He came in a cloud. In our story here, He came in a burning bush that was not consumed.

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Real Christians obey Jesus’ teachings

Real Christians obey Jesus' teachings

A few centuries after Jesus returned to heaven to be with his Father, a great travesty happened. A Roman emperor made Christianity the official religion and from then on, the church began to receive people into the church who professed Christianity but did not obey Jesus’s teachings. Our goal with this billboard message is to encourage people to consider the teachings and example of Christ and to follow Him in obedience. In the book of Matthew Jesus calls us to love Him and obey Him and keep His commandments. He expects us to love our spouses for life. He calls us to love our enemies. He asks us not to take oaths. He teaches that…

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