We do not like the thought of judgment. We do not like the thought of hell, but the Word of God exclaims judgment clearly.

The Inevitable Interview

We cannot evade the Divine Interview. If we postpone it today, we are sure to face it tomorrow; resist it in time, and you will experience it in eternity. Where exactly do you want this to take place? Here, where mercy is active, or over there where mercy has ceased?

Judgment at the House of God

Judgement must begin at the house of God. God means to try Christians now, before they stand before Him in the Judgment.

Is Jesus Coming Again?

Let’s look at the signs Jesus predicted to happen before His coming again. Each one may have been happening and is going to happen.

A Rebel Soul Faces the Judge

A soul in rebellion against Christ stands before the Christ he has denied. He has died in rebellion and has already bowed prostrate before Christ, and now in disbelief hears himself acknowledge this same Christ as Lord.

Wounded in the House of Friends

Many times, when adversity comes to us as Christians, we feel like we have been let down by God. We possibly struggle to accept what has happened to us and we may even lash out at God.

In Thy Faithfulness

Do we believe that God’s judgments are right? That is essential if we will understand this morning’s verse. It will help us to appreciate the faithfulness of God. But how is God’s faithfulness expressed through affliction? We need to contemplate the power of this truth in order to see affliction in true perspective.

When the World’s On Fire

FRIENDS, let us face the facts! This world is heading for a terrible day. God has forewarned us and provided a way of escape. If we make the mistake of not being ready, it will be our own fault. “The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which […]

What Jesus Did for Me

When we begin to understand and accept what Jesus Christ has done for us, we will be moved to love Him, to obey Him, to honor Him, to please Him, and to praise Him. Let’s consider a few of the things He has done for us. 1. Jesus became poor . . . Ye know […]

Jesus Christ is Coming

Jesus Christ is coming again. The Bible says so. But why is He coming? What will He do when He comes? Why should His coming be important to me or you? To help answer those questions, let’s review why He came the first time. Why Did Jesus Come the First Time? Jesus said about Himself, […]

Where will you be five minutes after you die?

THIS IS ONE of the most serious questions you will ever have to face. Where will you be five minutes after you die? No one can deny the fact of death. It was Ponce de Leon who came to Florida in 1569 searching for a fountain of water which would bring perpetual youth to all […]

The Simple Facts

The Simple Facts No one can be saved unless he is born again by the power of God’s Spirit. Christ says, “Ye must be born again” (John 3:7). The necessity is absolute—you must be born again. Performing religious rites will not take the place of the new birth. Baptism will not take the place of […]

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