A Church with Parkinson’s

People with Parkinson’s face much frustration as the disease progresses. The body no longer obeys the head. Did you know churches can have Parkinson’s symptoms as well? This becomes evident when members stop obeying the commands of their head, Jesus Christ.

Wounded in the House of Friends

Many times, when adversity comes to us as Christians, we feel like we have been let down by God. We possibly struggle to accept what has happened to us and we may even lash out at God.

Do I Value the Church?

Jesus died to purchase the Church.  His blood redeemed the soul of every believing, faithful person.  This was God’s plan and design, created for His glory.  Christ values the Church highly.  Do you?

Finding Scriptural Church Fellowship

Finding a Scriptural Church Fellowship

Many Christians in America and other Western countries are dissatisfied and disillusioned with a watered-down version of Christianity. They are looking for fellowship with Christians who stand by historic Christian doctrines and take Jesus’ commands seriously. One of the main questions these seekers ask is, “Where do I find fellowship?” Many years ago, I faced […]

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