"Somewhere Forever" mall message

“Somewhere forever” mall message.

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  1. PLease If anyone that knows the truth please tell me.

    okay so i want to be a veternarian ya know someone that works with animals. but what if a very sick puppy that has his heart stabbed comes in and i have to put him down. will i go to hell for putting him down. or will god have mercy on my soul. please help.

    • What God said “Do not kill,” He was saying, “Do not murder.” In other words, he was talking about people, not animals. It isn’t right to torture or abuse an animal, but an animal is not on the same level as a human being.

  2. I believe in God, but like everyone, I get doubts sometimes. How do we know for sure that when our heart stops beating and our bodies shut down that our soul continues, that the light switch doesn’t just flip off? I need reassurance…
    Also, there are so many other religions out there- Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism… do the worshipers of other religions go to heaven as well? or do the other religions have their own heavens?? I’m new to this…

    • You might want to look at some of the other posts on our site such as the one on evidences for God. Or you could call our phone team at its toll free number 1 – 855 367 8788. They would be happy to talk to you and pray with you. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the father but by me. This seems to mean that the Bible is the only source of eternal life.

    • dont worry olivia.Just like you i believe in him to.and there are times when i even myself doubt.and i’m no preacher but I do know what hope and faith is.and sometimes thats all a person should think of.have faith in him.and you will surely have less doubts.

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