Not So, Lord

Sept 15, 2020

Good Morning Fellow Travelers,

Read: Acts 10:9-35

And when they had brought their ships to land, they forsook all, and followed him” (Luke 5:11).

Because of His death on the cross and His resurrection, Jesus has a claim to every believer’s life. It is an exclusive claim that involves our time, our money, and our energy.

Peter was engaged in the good work of the kingdom of God. While visiting the believers at Lydda, he healed a man of palsy. Many believed on Jesus and turned to the Lord because of the miraculous healing. Peter was called to Joppa where he raised Dorcas from the dead. Again, many believed on the name of Jesus because of the miracle. The Lord was working mightily through Peter, but a change was coming that would shake him.

The rooftop vision prepared him for the future. His obedience to the Lord is very noteworthy. But when Peter saw the sheet of unclean animals and birds lowered to him and heard the Lord’s command to kill and eat, Peter balked and said, “Not so, Lord.”

How many times have we responded to the Lord in this way? Maybe life seems to be going well. We are fulfilled with meaningful work and see good results. Then the Lord lays something across our path. Maybe it is a call that seems too big for us or an order that seems to question our convictions. Maybe it causes us to question whether it is really from the Lord. Peter’s response proved that he was well acquainted with the Lord’s voice. Yet his adamant reply of “not so, Lord” is surprising.

The story does not record that Peter ate anything on the sheet, but he got the message. His words in verse 34-35 prove that. Our instant response may be “no,” but may our actions be “yes.” Don’t get in the habit of saying “no” to Jesus.

Understanding is the reward of faith. Therefore, seek not to understand that you may believe, but believe that you may understand.


~ James Baer


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