Moses the Mouser

Bible Reading: Revelations 12

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8).

Moses is perfectly equipped for mouse catching. He is much larger and more powerful than the mice he hunts. His lightning reflexes, sharp ears, piercing eyes, lethal claws, and slicing teeth all contribute to his success. But when Moses goes mouse hunting, he does not immediately need his claws and teeth. First he goes to an area where mice are likely to be. He crouches and waits, motionless except for an occasional twitch in the tip of his tail. After some time of stillness, his patience is rewarded by the rustle of an approaching creature. Every fiber of his body tenses for what will come next. In one swift pounce, he will pin the hapless mouse with his razor claws. Ahhh . . . then will be the time for the slicing teeth!  

But the mouse, though he is small and weak, is not defenseless. In fact, his greatest strength lies in his smallness, for this enables him to escape into hideouts where Moses cannot follow. The mouse is vigilant and cautious. He is well aware that he is no match for his enemy in paw-to-paw combat. He must stay out of the cat’s deadly reach.  

Like the mouse, we are small and weak, and we face a powerful, lurking enemy who is perfectly equipped for people catching. He is experienced and patient. Just as Moses does not show his teeth at first, so Satan does not immediately reveal the purpose of his temptations. Only after a person is deeply ensnared does the bitterness of sin become apparent.

However, we are far from defenseless. Our strength is made perfect in weakness. Our smallness allows us to escape for refuge into the secret place of the Almighty. God’s power will keep us from our enemy’s deadly reach.  

But thou, beloved Saviour, art all in all to me,
And weakness will be power if leaning hard on thee.  
—Frances R. Havergal 

From Paws on My Porch, by Gary Miller
© 2015 TGS International, PO Box 355, Berlin, Ohio 44610 
Used by permission 


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