Look to Jesus

June 11, 2019

Good Morning Fellow Travelers,

Read: Hebrews 12:1-13

“But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honour; that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man.” Hebrews 2:9

Is there any name like this name? Is there any other person so precious, so dear to the redeemed? Is there any other that we would so like to emulate? Truly Jesus is the only Man before whom we would bow in worship and confession.

Do you have unforgiven sin? Look to Jesus. Do you struggle to resign yourself to the circumstances of life? Look to Jesus. Does the burden seem too hard to bear? Look to Jesus. Does sin easily beset you? Look to Jesus!

Here we are sustained and animated. Here in the long procession of heroes of faith, our Lord Jesus stands at the head. In Him, faith appears in a full and perfected glory. Here is an absolutely perfect example of trust in the Father God.

By faith Jesus patiently waited at Nazareth for thirty years, though His high destiny stirred in His heart. By faith He conquered Satan in the wilderness. By faith He labored for three years, teaching and preaching. By faith He endured the agonies of Gethsemane and the soul darkness of Golgotha. By faith He assumed the burden of the world’s sins, including yours and mine. In faith He suffered, died, and rose again in power. Is it any wonder that in running the race of life, we are urged to look to Him?

We gain support and encouragement from Jesus. Faith is perfected in suffering as He imparts patience and power to us. Faith is perfected in despondency as we let His example brace our hearts with courage. Faith is perfected in the duties and difficulties of our ways as His example lifts and strengthens our powerless hands.

Look to Jesus for joy. Oh! Look to Jesus and love Him. Find your hope in Him.

— James Baer

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  1. In Hebrews 2:9 why did the author say “Jesus was made a little lower than the angels?” Also, was Jesus actually “made?”

    • It seems that the author of Hebrews was talking about Jesus becoming a man. Mankind is lower than the angels. As a man, Jesus’ body was made, even as other humans are made, except that Jesus didn’t have a human father.

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