Genuine Christians forgive like Jesus

Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” And they divided His garments and cast lots. (Luke 23:34) Most people find forgiveness to be a hard thing. Peter asked Jesus how often he should forgive his brother. He wondered if 7 times would be good enough. I get the feeling that he felt he was being generous by offering to forgive someone that often. But Jesus didn’t view it that way. He told Peter to forgive seventy times seven, which is 490 times! (See Matthew 18:21-35)

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Genuine Christians obey Jesus’ teachings

People have had a problem with Jesus’ teachings since the very beginning of Christianity. His teachings are radical and unreasonable, they say. They are impossible to live by. Surely Jesus wouldn’t expect us to live like that? They push the Sermon on the Mount into a future dispensation so that they can ignore it. But Jesus himself said, “If you love me, you will keep my commands.”  (John 14:15)  Our goal with this billboard message is to encourage people to consider the teachings and example of Christ and to follow Him in obedience. In the book of Matthew Jesus calls us to love Him and obey Him and keep His commandments. He expects us to love…

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Can I Find Peace With God? Here’s How!

Can I Find Peace With God?

Two healthy, clean-cut young men, Dr. Westman and Jack Strong, met while flying westward across the nation and became fast friends when they found they were graduates of the same university. After an interesting conversation about their school, a serious discussion arose. It all began when the doctor, after a pause in the conversation, asked, “Where are you headed, Jack?” “I’m going to the West Coast to join my uncle in business,” Jack answered. The doctor paused thoughtfully, and then asked, “Would you mind my asking you a few questions concerning yourself, Jack?”

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