The Curse of Pornography

An Illustration Around forty years ago, I picked up a truck load of material at a plant in Toronto. It was lunchtime, so I sat in the office where the shipping department workers gathered for their lunch break. Several other truck drivers were there, and as so often happens in settings like that, the conversation […]

Masturbation and Sexual Desire

Sexual Desires Sexual desires are an important part of God’s plan for men and women. But Satan always tries to derail God’s plans and use them to destroy people rather than bless them. This is especially true in this area. In this article we want to understand what the Bible tells us about purity and […]

Love and Sexuality: An Honest Look at Their New Definitions

Investigating the divine perspective on the modern move to comfort the homosexual and redefine his boundaries. The “evolution” of humanity continues, and another hint of expanded freedom is in the air. As usual, our culture is tipping its noses into the wind and following the scent with abandon. It is nothing new—this longing for progress—it […]

What the Bible says about homosexuality

The Bible Says… Did God create homosexuality? Can a homosexual enter the kingdom of God? You know how the politicians feel about this subject. You know how the news media feels. But do you know what the Bible says?  Continue reading to find out.

Living Above Lust

Wallace had a secret. He kept it for over twenty years. It went back to his preteen years when he pored over the pages of the Sears catalog. He graduated to increasingly coarse magazines in his teen and college years. Wallace came to know the Lord in his late teens and saw many areas of […]

What the Bible says about homosexuality

What the Bible says about homosexuality. Many people have strong opinions about this subject. But God’s opinion is the only one that matters. Listen to this discussion to learn what that is.

Shackled by Lust? Jesus Sets Free!

Why do we long for the forbidden? Why does our lust draw us into sensual and illicit relationships? Lust is a sin that begins in the mind as a temptation, and for some, it goes beyond the mind expressing itself in fornication, adultery, pornography, homosexuality, or bestiality. Perhaps a story is fitting to begin with: […]

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