Where Do I Come From?

It is a popular concept in the Western world that people evolved from ape-like ancestors. So where do we come from? Are we more than products of chance? Read these verses from the Bible that were inspired by God, the Creator of all things: Genesis 1:26-27 — And God said, Let us make man in […]

Abortion: Right or Wrong?

In our day it is becoming popular to refer to a human fetus as “tissue.” Is this a correct way of thinking or is a human fetus a human being? Many people would agree that there is something wrong about taking the life of an infant five minutes before it is born. Yet they believe […]

Thursday at Five PM

The nurse was businesslike, yet nice in a “we would like to have your money” sort of way. “Don’t worry about a thing,” she said. “The baby isn’t even formed yet, and the uterus contains only some bloody material.” We were in one of Florida’s newest abortion clinics. My wife and I had decided to […]

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