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Read: Acts 9:1-20 

“God is the Lord, which hath shewed us light: bind the sacrifice with cords, even unto the horns of the altar” (Psalm 118:27).

In Exodus 27:2, God commanded Moses to make an altar for burnt offerings. Moses was told to attach a horn to each corner of the altar. We do not find the reason for these horns anywhere in Scripture, but the Psalmist’s order to bind his sacrifice to the horns is reason enough to believe that they were used to hold the sacrifice fast to the altar. Sacrifice is a sign of our devotion and surrender to our God (Romans 12:1). The cords the Psalmist mentions can be viewed as our commitment. 

I would like to make analogy here to our binding and committing ourselves to the altar of offering today. Is your sacrifice to God today an offering of living devotion to Him? Are you committed to Christ and His Word? Are you committed every morning to holiness and prayer? Are you committed to tell others what Christ means to you? Or is your sacrifice wounded, marred, and filthy? Maybe your offering is a dead thing you keep dragging to the door of the tabernacle, and it needs no cords to bind it there because you have not committed yourself to God or do not really love Him. 

Following are some good reasons why you should have a full commitment to the service of Christ and why a horn and cords of commitment are needed for your offering. 

1) A cord of commitment frees me from the need to renew my choices every day. When we are committed, we are not wishy-washy or double-minded. What was right yesterday is right today. 

2) A cord of commitment keeps me from beginning a dialogue with Satan. If only Eve had been committed to the Creator. If only she had believed Him, instead of the lying devil. 

3) A cord of commitment creates a frame of mind that helps us face the chastening God intends for our growth. Don’t go slinking away from the painful things, the suffering, the cross. God knows what He is doing. Give in. 

4) A cord of commitment takes us from feeling obligated to God to freely serving Him as a love slave. (Read Exodus 21:1-6.) I love this. I am now one who finds my perfect liberty within the parameters of the will of my Master, Jesus. God bless every one of you readers with a bondage of love that makes you free. 

~James Baer  

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