Breathed into Existence

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Read: Genesis 1, Psalm 33:6 

The Creation story is a controversial subject for many. Did it actually happen just as the first chapter in our Bible says? Did a God really breathe our universe into existence? Many scientists talk about a big bang, billions of years, and basic naturalism. What really did happen?   

First, if the universe is only physical, where did the idea of a God come from? Our ability to think and imagine points to a non-material reality about our universe and us. If we were only natural and not spiritual, then it is very possible that we could not think, reason, or imagine beyond the immediate. So the very first verse written by Moses links us to God not only because of what it says but also because of our ability to imagine what it means. In other words, if there were no God, the mind could not think beyond the present reality to imagine a God.   

Since we can establish the reality of a God in the first verse of the Bible, let’s explore the story further. It says that “God said” and it was so. God spoke the world into existence starting from light on day one to the animal kingdom on day six. God breathed the entire universe into reality from the largest grouping of celestial bodies down to the smallest particle. He also formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into him the breath of life and man became a living soul.   

Another word for “breath” or “wind” in the Bible is the word “spirit.” Therefore, we see that our world is not only made up of that which is physical but also of that which is spirit. Though it is not really a substance at all, some scientists call this substance “quantum potential,” something you cannot observe but does exist. Perhaps we could call it the Spirit of God. It is a non-material reality that is necessary to keep our world together.     

 No wonder the Psalmist speaks of God’s omni-presence in Psalm 139. God has breathed our worlds into existence and He is here. 

~Harold R Troyer  

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